Tailor Your Cloud Environment for Greater Efficiency, Agility, and Security

Your optimum cloud environment may involve multiple cloud models working together. We take the complexity out of the process, integrating all the components to deliver a seamless, customized solution.

Solution Features

Seamless Cross-Platform Connectivity

Whether running critical business applications, storing large amounts of data, or adjusting to temporary spikes in web traffic, Neovera has the required connectivity between our private cloud and public cloud providers so that your systems experience maximum uptime. This empowers you to:

  • Scale IT resources according to demand
  • Manage workloads more efficiently
  • Optimize performance of critical applications
Seamless Cross-Platform Connectivity

Access to Specialized Services

Neovera’s hybrid cloud solutions offer access to services that are exclusive to private cloud environments. We provide availability of proprietary services such as:

  • Bloomberg
  • Reuters
Access to Specialized Services

Cost Optimization Strategies

By balancing on-premise and cloud resources, Neovera’s hybrid cloud solutions help you maximize the value of your cloud infrastructure without compromising quality or performance. Cost savings are experienced through:

  • Flexible provisioning and on-demand scaling of cloud resources, services, and applications
  • Visibility into resource usage and costs across public and private cloud environments
  • Addressing software and licensing restrictions on specialized platforms
Cost Optimization Strategies

Data Sovereignty Compliance

Compliance with data regulations is essential for data protection, enhanced customer trust, and legal adherence. Neovera nullifies the headaches associated with maintaining compliance with regulations, including:

  • SSAE16
Data Sovereignty Compliance

Make Your Cloud Future a Reality with Neovera

As a trusted consultant with vast expertise in multi-cloud implementations, we can help you choose the right solution among private, public, and hybrid options. We guide you through the entire process, from architecture, migration, and modernization to optimization and ongoing monitoring and management. With a clear strategy for a unified solution, we show you how to integrate cloud services with your core business processes and build a seamlessly connected environment. And we always customize services to create the best solution for your organization.

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Read about Our Clients’ Experiences

We’re extremely thankful for Neovera’s partnership in our migration to the Cloud. They are a tremendous source of Oracle knowledge and were available day and night, tirelessly doing what needed to be done. We were fortunate to have them with us during this exercise.

Chief Technology Officer Oracle Cloud Migration

Thanks to Neovera’s guidance and industry expertise, we found the IGA solution we needed and will not have to push the implementation off yet another year.

CTO Financial Services Firm

Neovera immediately grasped our challenges and proposed real solutions.

CTO Global SaaS Provider

Neovera consistently gives us better unbiased guidance and support compared to big vendor/consultants – including much better access to critical expertise when we need it. They’ve helped us simplify and modernize our IT operations, improved business intelligence, and accelerate development of our proprietary technologies.

CxO $35B Asset Mgmt Firm

As a result of the solid planning, pre-execution research, and a dedicated implementation team, SBSB had a smooth and complete infrastructure cutover. There was zero business downtime due to the transition, and we experienced increased security and technology capabilities for our business.

Matt Norton, Director Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blayney (SBSB)

Neovera and MS Sentinel will be critical to our success with Azure. Our clients need the data security and system stability this solution will provide, and we couldn’t have done it without them.

CTO Global SaaS

Neovera is the only firm we trust for application development – and they’ve proven themselves repeatedly in this regard – from legacy applications, to effort surges and greenfield prototypes – They help our core team focus on go-forward priorities, which has helped us reduce our product backlog and accelerate go-to-market by more than 50%.

VP, Product Innovation $30 Billion Investment Mgmt Firm

Neovera is the true definition of a partner that is as dedicated to making our environment first class as we want it to be.

John Savage, CTO Microf

We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without the Neovera team. They came up with solutions to overcome some big obstacles and kept us on track during the integrations. Their solution will let us continue to scale our business and seamlessly meet the needs of our customers.

Chief Administration Officer Financial Services