Hybrid Public and Private Cloud solution with Neovera and Azure

October 11, 2023
Neovera Team

Hybrid Public and Private Cloud solution with Neovera and Azure

“We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without the Neovera team. They came up with solutions to overcome some big obstacles and kept us on track during the integrations. Their solution will let us continue to scale our business and seamlessly meet the needs of our customers.”

-Chief Administration Officer, Financial Services


With more than $150 billion in assets under administration, this U.S.-based financial services organization provides advisers and institutions with administration and accounting services, investor servicing tools, and distribution support for both registered and private investment products.


The firm had recently acquired three companies that were running disparate technologies, including FIS and DTCC, as well as a number of legacy systems.
Under a tight timeframe and with the risk of financial penalties, they came to us with several needs. In addition to integrating systems spread over six locations, they wanted to utilize a Cloud solution and to implement a cohesive data security solution that would cover all their locations, as well as all their off-site customers and products.


Referred to us by another Neovera client, their reasons for choosing us included our:

  • deep financial services expertise
  • understanding of Cloud technology
  • managed services approach to data transfer and security
  • demonstrated ability to meet tight deadlines.

The company’s wanted to consolidate their systems into a solution that was 100 percent in the Cloud. Early in the process we recognized that would not be possible, due to issues with some of their legacy systems. Working together, we developed an alternative solution that would still allow us to meet their timeframe. Within a six-month period, we will have developed and implemented a hybrid solution, utilizing both private and public cloud technology.

Through our intensive assessment, design, and implementation program, we worked with the client to provide a zero data loss solution that delivers a unified technology infrastructure, managed services, and a cyber security solution. Our specific projects include:

  1. Consulting for migration to Azure Cloud Services
  2. Implementing Azure Managed Services to manage day-to-day activities post-migration
  3. Creating a Neovera Private Cloud environment
  4. Integrate Azure and the Private cloud via high speed connections
  5. Our comprehensive, managed security solution, a joint security operations center with the capability to run 24/7


With Neovera’s financial services, Azure, Cloud, and managed services expertise, the company expects to continue to rapidly scale their business, without the need for any additions to their technology headcount, or additional costs.