Optimize Vulnerability Management

Leverage Neovera’s expertise to overcome resource constraints and inefficient processes – and sharply reduce vulnerability backlogs.

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Optimize Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Risks

Recent research revealed that 66% of security leaders had a backlog of 100,000 vulnerabilities – and thousands of new vulnerabilities are reported every year. Without the proper tools and resources, vulnerabilities go unpatched, creating ample opportunities for cyber attacks, audit failures, and non-compliance.

Vulnerability Risks

How We Mitigate These Risks

We employ a three-pronged approach to managing vulnerabilities and mitigating associated risks.


Establish a cross-discipline technical process and design IT PMO and architecture team. This works to:

  • Define clear roles and responsibilities
  • Integrate the vulnerability and patch management program with the enterprise architecture roadmap
  • Ensure IT service management tools and ITIL process best practices are implemented


Implement a vulnerability and patch management program. The program ensures a holistic approach is taken to govern software patching, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing. This serves to:

  • Address in-house security resource constraints
  • Support compliance requirements
  • Simplify audit preparation


Provide the resources of a 24×7 cross-functional vulnerability and remediation team. Neovera experts augment your internal team and help reduce the vulnerability backlog by providing hands-on vulnerability and patch management around the clock. This enables you to:

  • Overcome security resource limitations
  • Put top vulnerability professionals on your team
  • Bring vulnerability backlogs under control

Customer Success Story

Rapid Security Assessment to Improve Bank’s Infrastructure and Optimize Vulnerability Management Processes

Rapid Security Assessment to Improve Bank’s Infrastructure and Optimize Vulnerability Management Processes

A large banking institution with over 50 branches on the east cost, contacted Neovera to assess their current security architecture. They sought to increase their security posture by optimizing vulnerability and patch management processes.

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