Advanced, Affordable, and Secure IT Solutions

Nonprofits and associations are challenged daily to do more with less. That’s particularly daunting when it comes to operating efficient and secure IT operations, maintaining cybersecurity protection, ensuring user access and data sharing, and meeting compliance requirements. Our cost-effective IT solutions give you the adaptability to handle all current requirements and evolve with your needs.

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Why Nonprofits Trust Neovera

At Neovera, we’ve spent more than two decades engineering and implementing IT infrastructure for clients in the most demanding industries. We understand your budget constraints and work to guarantee that your IT infrastructure delivers – and continues to deliver – maximum value.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Modern IT infrastructure supports effective operations at a lower cost.

Reduced Compliance Risk

Proactive security measures and regulatory expertise ensure compliance.

Enhanced Data Security

Comprehensive security measures safeguard data.

Our Expertise

Bringing your IT infrastructure into the 21st century doesn’t have to be costly. We deliver results through the innovative use of scalable, enterprise-grade technologies that can be quickly tailored and deployed. You achieve the highest return on your IT investment while ensuring the security of mission-critical systems.

Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture, Implementation, and Management

To enable your flexible, incremental growth, we design and maintain IT solutions that adapt to the growing needs of your organization while maintaining security best practices. Our solutions offer:

  • Optimized IT spending
  • Operational efficiency
  • Easier growth
Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture, Implementation, and Management

Data Security and Identity Access Management (IAM)

Nonprofit stakeholders deserve world-class security protection. We provide it by implementing robust security access controls, data encryption, and user authentication solutions that protect sensitive donor information, member data, and intellectual property. These solutions deliver:

  • Secure access assurance
  • Reduced risk of data breaches
  • Donor data protection
Data Security and Identity Access Management (IAM)

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

How strong are your existing security measures? To answer that question, we proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and test them by simulating real-world cyber attacks. This activity provides:

  • Identification of gaps in security coverage
  • Risk minimization opportunities
  • Prevention of vulnerability exploits
Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

IT Compliance

Maintaining compliance can be a struggle for resource-constrained nonprofits. We make it easier by implementing appropriate security controls and data management practices. Such federal, state, and industry regulations include but are not limited to:

  • GDPR compliance
  • CCPA compliance
IT Compliance

Cybersecurity Monitoring and Management

Keep resource costs down by putting the experts at Neovera in charge of day-to-day cybersecurity. We offer affordable security solutions to detect and respond to cyber threats efficiently, protecting your organization and its stakeholders. These measures are effective at:

  • Detecting suspicious activity
  • Containing threats
  • Minimizing damage
Cybersecurity Monitoring and Management

Neovera in Action

Nonprofit Achieves Measurable Performance Results with Infrastructure Tuning and Oracle Rac

A nonprofit organization responsible for the distribution of digital performance royalties selected Neovera to deliver a solution that would help optimize their custom application. The application manages the collection of digital performance records from its clients as well as the distribution of royalty payments to the necessary artists.

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Nonprofit Achieves Measurable Performance Results with Infrastructure Tuning and Oracle Rac

Why Customers Choose Neovera

We’re extremely thankful for Neovera’s partnership in our migration to the Cloud. They are a tremendous source of Oracle knowledge and were available day and night, tirelessly doing what needed to be done. We were fortunate to have them with us during this exercise.

Chief Technology Officer Oracle Cloud Migration

Thanks to Neovera’s guidance and industry expertise, we found the IGA solution we needed and will not have to push the implementation off yet another year.

CTO Financial Services Firm

Neovera immediately grasped our challenges and proposed real solutions.

CTO Global SaaS Provider

Neovera consistently gives us better unbiased guidance and support compared to big vendor/consultants – including much better access to critical expertise when we need it. They’ve helped us simplify and modernize our IT operations, improved business intelligence, and accelerate development of our proprietary technologies.

CxO $35B Asset Mgmt Firm

As a result of the solid planning, pre-execution research, and a dedicated implementation team, SBSB had a smooth and complete infrastructure cutover. There was zero business downtime due to the transition, and we experienced increased security and technology capabilities for our business.

Matt Norton, Director Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blayney (SBSB)