Designing Agile Cloud Architecture for Saas Software

Client Overview

This multi-national product information management (PIM) company helps global Fortune 500 retailers, manufacturers, and distributors turn chaotic mounds of data into accurate, managed, personalized information.

The Challenge

As one of the fastest-growing growing PIM organizations globally, they were experiencing day-to-day operational roadblocks and were concerned about their ability to sustain and support their growth for the long-term.

In addition, the company’s Windows-based SQL server environment utilized an Azure technology stack, which lacked the expertise to administer effectively in house; and their 1,800 objects were not compliant with GDPR and SOC2.

The company contacted us for help managing their cloud solution as they continue to grow and assistance becoming compliant with the European regulations.

Neovera Solution

Our cloud consulting experts began with a thorough audit of the client’s existing Azure architecture and SQL database configuration, following a five-step process:

  • Discover
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Planning
  • Execution

It became apparent quickly than many of their administrative problems were caused by their siloed view of the architecture, which provided a severely limited resource view and led to provisioning inadequacies and downtime.

We provided a more centralized tech stack, built on an Azure SQL server, Neovera scheduling and routine process automation, and a custom dashboard, providing a single-pane view of the entire server environment and enabling their database administrators to more clearly recognize potential traffic and resource provisioning issues. We also conducted a security and privacy audit and reorganized several databases to ensure full compliance with GDPR and SOC2. Finally, we implemented a cloud-based DevOps pipeline for the agility and stability they need for future expansion.

Bottom Line Results

The client’s new tech stack is not only more stable and efficient than what they had previously, it also clarifies and decreases potential provisioning and compliance issues, while delivering the agility, adaptability and automation they will need as they continue to expand globally. We also put into place a suite of Neovera tools and processes to help with daily ongoing activities, and we now run their entire production environment, with more than 1,800 objects.

“Neovera immediately grasped our challenges and proposed real solutions.”

-CTO, Global SaaS

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