Azure Cloud Security with Neovera and Microsoft Sentinel

June 5, 2024

Azure Cloud Security with Neovera and Microsoft Sentinel

Client Overview

This multi-national product information management (PIM) company helps global Fortune 500 retailers, manufacturers, and distributors turn chaotic mounds of data into accurate, managed, personalized information.

The Challenge

The company’s PIM application was being hosted at their client locations. To meet the evolving needs of these clients and increase their own security and compliance standards, they wanted to move to a public cloud solution. However, problems arose as they began shifting their application into Azure, a Microsoft Cloud platform. First, they learned that a public cloud solution like Azure would require a separate data security solution (BYOS, or Bring Your Own Security), which wasn’t an option. Then, there were performance and scalability issues with the conversion. And, finally they realized that even if they could move to Azure, they would have compliance issues, as their solution couldn’t support GDPR or SOC 2. Realizing they needed outside help, the client contacted us for assistance rearchitecting their infrastructure and providing them with a comprehensive cyber security solution.

Neovera Solution

We developed a multi-phase plan to move them to Azure, secure their entire environment, make them GDPR and SOC 2 compliant, and improve their overall IT governance. Using our deep security expertise, we’re building out a comprehensive Azure solution that includes GDPR and SOC 2 compliance, a new infrastructure with Neovera Azure security monitoring using MS Sentinel, incident management, firewalls, and identity and access management; other data security solutions were explored but Azure Sentinel will be the best fit in the short- and long-term.

Adding Sentinel, Microsoft’s new, leading edge Security Incident and Event Management tool, will provide the data security and visibility we need to monitor their security infrastructure 24x7x365 and deliver the peace of mind our client, and their clients, require. In addition, Sentinel automatically scales to meet organizational needs, which will benefit them as their customer base expands.

Bottom Line Results

Combining Neovera’s expertise, cyber security management services, and oversight with the artificial intelligence (AI) benefits of Azure Sentinel will allow the client to reduce their manpower needs while increasing their revenues significantly and scaling dramatically. They expect to triple their revenues while simultaneously reducing the headcount of their existing cloud management team.

“Neovera and MS Sentinel will be critical to our success with Azure. Our clients need the data security and system stability this solution will provide, and we couldn’t have done it without them.”

-CTO, Global SaaS