Is Wireless Device Charging Becoming A Reality?

3 Apr

We have all wondered about the possibility of charging our electronic devices without a power cord. Several attempts have been made, but none have promised a complete disconnect. To this point we have simply waited, somewhat impatiently, for technology to advance to the wireless charging stage. We’ve only been able to imagine a world where we can walk in a place, whether it’s work or home, and have our devices charge without the need for a power cord. Well, our wishes may be close to being granted.

A startup named Ossia announced its wireless charging technology a few years ago in 2013. Since then they have been working tirelessly to bring this technology to everyday devices such as smartphones or tablets. That day may finally be upon us. Ossia has announced a wireless charging “chip” that is small enough to be placed in smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The charging device from Ossia is known as a Cota chipset.

cota-chipOssia says that very little hardware changes would be needed in current devices to implement the Cota wireless charger. The Cota wireless power receiver will use the existing antenna on a mobile device, a main difference from current wireless charging products. Perhaps the most interesting note about Cota is the ability to charge devices that use a AA, AAA or other sized battery; which would allow regular electronics like TV remotes or smoke detectors to be fully charged – all the time. Of course, the batteries are specially made by Ossia, a prototype photo can be seen below.

So, how does this all work exactly?

Well, without getting too technical, here’s the skinny. Basically, the first thing you would need is an Ossia battery, whether it’s built into your mobile device or placed in a home or work electronic. The battery communicates with a Cota wireless power transmitter. The power transmitter can be placed on a desktop or on a ceiling or wall.


The transmitter can charge devices that are within a 30 foot radius. As long as you are within the range of the wireless power transmitter, your device will be charged via a wireless connection rather than having to plug in your device – and you don’t have to be stationary either. The wireless power transmitter will charge devices within its radius whether they are moving or stationary.


Cota mentions in it marketing material, “This pinpoint precision targeting of energy safely and efficiently powers all Cota-equipped devices and batteries within its effective radius, even as they move around the room.”

Those concerned about more wireless signals floating invisibly around them can rest assured that the Cota uses significantly less power than traditional Wi-Fi, and rivals the signal strength of a cellphone making a call.

Is Cota the real deal? We’ll soon find out, but all roads are pointing the right direction for this Seattle based startup. Power chargers and cords could soon become a thing of the past. No longer do you have to get a new charger every time you get a new mobile device. No more using multiple extensions to plug in all your devices. A world without wires will be a better one – and would certainly make the IT department’s job that much easier.