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Three Business Apps That Will Change The Way You Work

17 Apr

The spawn of mobile applications has already changed the way we think and interact with the world and each other. We’re all familiar with apps like Instagram or SnapChat, but of course these are simple social applications designed to share experiences with one another in a more casual setting. What has really changed the course of business is the influx of mobile business applications.

There are now hundreds of thousands of apps available for free and for purchase throughout the major application portals such as the App Store and Android Market. With so many applications to peruse it can be difficult to find the needle in the haystack. Today we hope to make your job a little easier by sharing three business applications that are not only useful, but could change the way you think about doing business.


Executives, managers, employees, consultants, and beyond must often submit their expenses for reimbursement. Not only does Expensify make things easier on the employee but the finance administrator too. Expensify boasts integration with major corporate credit card vendors such as American Express of Visa as well as accounting software such as NetSuite or Oracle. Quickly add receipts to Expensify by taking a picture.

Expensify then matches the receipt to the expense without any manual entry required. For the administrator, a simple interface that approves and marks expenses as reimbursed makes things quick and easy. This only scratches the surface of what Expensify can do. Of course, Expensify is available as a mobile application for those on the go and a cloud based service, making it easy to handle expenses no matter where you are.


Filling out forms is not only a boring endeavor, it’s often time consuming too. Not to mention having to collect the forms and go through each one. This leads to piles of paper in an increasingly “green” world. Canvas boasts a ton of built in forms and features such as signature capture, GPS, workflow, and mobile payments among many other options.

Canvas’ app store allows you to choose what forms work best for you, and if there is something you can’t find, you can use Canvas’ app builder to create what you need. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself…


Locqus is a Field Management System and application. You have a fleet of trucks or maintenance workers and you need to tell them where to be and when – but you need to do it now. Locqus integrates a GPS system so you can keep track of your workforce and assign them jobs in real time. The app also lets you integrate payments and invoices so your workers can do their jobs quickey and more efficiently without having to deal with paper invoices or checks.

Not to mention Locqus also integrates a card feature allowing your workers to clock hours without having to stop by the hub or management facility. Locqus is generally designed for service companies such as plumbers, general contractors, and delivery service; however, the possibilities go well beyond these realms even if you only use a handful of their tools.