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Tesla: Technology – and Car – Company

13 Jul

Carmakers are quickly working toward full IoT integration with newer vehicle models, essentially creating rolling, horn-honking WiFi signals. It’s great in theory – many have touted the ease at which they can find a song to listen to or the best directions to get to their chosen destination. But, with the ever-expanding IoT comes a lot of overlooked security abnormalities; ones that, if continuously overlooked, can be taken advantage of and put lives in danger on the road at any time. Tesla, however, is considered to be one of the least hackable cars on the road today. What’s their secret, and how will other manufacturers follow suit, if they even can?

The title of this piece, “Tesla: Technology – and Car – Company”, speaks volumes to the operating procedures as cars continue to churn out under Elon Musk’s watchful eyes. Since Tesla got into the car manufacturing world after establishing its technological dominance, it has a unique standing in comparison to the rest of the proven veterans. For example, take two separate application issues experienced by Nissan and Tesla. Both companies had applications where, via touchscreen on a mobile device, the car could be commanded to unlock, start, or any other number of actions. Once a major security flaw was discovered on both – again, separate but fairly equal instances – Nissan’s immediate reaction was to halt the application and shut it down entirely. Tesla used their security team to not only fix the flaw but to create better protections against internal and external threats. This situation alone truly paints the picture of Tesla being a “Technology – and Car – Company”, and puts them in a league of their own when competing against car-making veterans.

Having a team of security professionals at the ready is putting Tesla at the front of the pack when it comes to embracing IoT as a car manufacturer. But this type of resource pays out similar benefits across industry lines. More and more companies are embracing IoT while not investing nearly as much as they need to protect their vital assets. That’s where a team of security professionals, like Neovera, comes in. Not only can we manage and monitor all internal and external threats, our team of experienced security and IT professionals consistently stay alert to new trends and threats facing any and all businesses across the country and around the world.