Is Social Media Important For Businesses?

28 Nov

When we were first introduced to social media websites such as MySpace, Facebook, and even Twitter it was pretty clear whom those outlets were meant for. They were meant for individuals looking to connect with their friends or stay up to date on the latest social news in their circle. Sure, business related “social” sites such as LinkedIn also sprouted around this time, but again these sites were more for connecting online than anything else. In the last decade social media has grown into a proverbial monster where almost anything is available and attainable. Social media isn’t just for “social” agendas anymore. Today it can help businesses connect with their customers in ways they could not have imagined – especially for consumer facing companies.

While some organizations find little value in social media, others find that it is a part of the lifeblood of their daily business. Of course this is especially true for news publications, blogs, and similar entities but even for major brands too. There are several ways which social media can be used to not only help build your brand but stay connected with customers.

Customer Support

Most major brands will have a more in-depth plan for customer support. This may include a call center or support desk, or even a physical help desk in a store. However, some small businesses don’t have a large, dedicated support staff. The easiest way for their customers to get in touch with them is to message them on social media. Companies can then contact these customers separately.

Public Relations

Social media may be the best public relations tool available today. There are nearly 400 Million people active on social media sites, and it’s fairly simple to filter through postings to find out what people are saying about you. It’s also a simple and direct way to reach a lot of people at one time.


Do you know where most people find out about “hot deals” and new products? Social media. It’s argued that social media is a better tool than paid search advertising when it comes to promoting new products and special customer incentives. Again, it’s an easy way to get your message out to a lot of people at one time. Not only does it help you get the message out to a lot of people, it allows you to get the message out to the customers you target most…


Right on cue we talk about marketing research. Social media is a treasure trove of data about your current or potential customers. What are their likes, dislikes, favorite foods or movies, and a whole lot more. Using social media data mining tools businesses have more insight than ever before about each and every customer allowing them to fine-tune their approach to marketing.

Furthermore, companies can also get customer feedback on new products or future product development.

Customer Relations

Finally, we come to perhaps the most important aspect of social media in business – Customer relationship management. It’s been found the customers are more likely to purchase from a company if they feel more connected to them, or feel like they are a part of a “movement” of sorts. Basically, when companies make an effort to involve their customers more, those customers not only repeat buy but also tell their friends and family.

Social media is certainly an intriguing and extremely helpful aspect of every business. It can help you connect with and support your customers, market to new customers, spread content and education, and much more. Even if your business doesn’t use social media all that much – or at all – today, it’s definitely worth taking some time to try.