Protect Yourself With These Top Notch Password Managers

17 Oct

Data breaches and security threats have been at the top of the news feed for several months now. It seems we are hearing about another breach or possible threat even more often than before. iCloud, Dropbox, Target, and Home Depot are just some of the major names that have experienced cyber-threats recently. While these organizations are now doing more to better protect their customers and users, there are precautions you can take to secure your personal information.

Password managers are tools you can use to manage passwords for all of your different online accounts. Most people have several accounts for a number of different things. After a while it becomes increasingly difficult to remember all of your different passwords, and it is not a good practice to use the same password for multiple accounts. A Password Management Application can help you not only keep track of your passwords, but keep them all secure for you. Here are some of the most well-known and commonly used password managers out there.


LastPass logo

LastPass is perhaps the best known password manager. LastPass’ slogan is “The Last Password You’ll Have To Remember”. By using LastPass you can store all of your passwords in one place, and create super strong passwords that can automatically be applied when you visit a specific website or login page. LastPass also have a Chrome extension that can be turned on and off for easy use while browsing. LastPass is affordable (free initial download), simple to use, and highly secure.


KeePass Logo

KeePass is a free, open-source password manager that works much like a physical safe. You store all of your passwords in KeePass database and you can access all of them with on master password. This way you only have to remember one password.


Dashlane logo

Dashlane is one of the more robust password storage services out there. It also works as a form filler for sensitive information like credit cards. Dashlane not only secures passwords for simple one-click login on any site is also stores your payment information so you can easily add credit cards to payment forms to verified sites. Dashlane is the ultimate password manager and digital wallet that can be used on a number of devices including computers, tablet, and smartphones.


1password logo

1Password is another password manager and digital wallet service. It offers a number of features including one-click logins, secure password generators, and multi-device support among many others. 1Password does require a fee depending on the licensing you choose (Mac or Windows, or Mac+Windows).

It’s important to keep your online identity and private information secure when browsing the Internet. Far too many people use the same passwords for different accounts, or are too lax in securing the data they put online. By using a password manager or digital wallet service you can ensure that not only your passwords are safe and secure, but your financial and personal identity stay hidden from cyber criminals as well.