Cloud Insight

Oracle Service Cloud Update Creates Better Experience for Customers and Agents

31 Jan

The most successful companies are the ones that not only take good care of their customers, but do so quickly and painlessly. Oracle has taken another step toward customer service success with a recent update to its Oracle Service Cloud. The new tools will give companies more advanced information about their customers, along with easier ways to communicate with customers in order to serve them better.

Oracle’s Service Cloud boasts several features for web customer service, knowledge management, and experience management to name a few. The idea is to serve customers more quickly by knowing more about them in the first place. For instance, with the new update customer service agents will have the ability to see customer’s browser history of their site so they can better understand what led to the customer needing help in the first place.

Adding to that is the ability to ‘co-browse’ which allows customer to share their screen with a customer service agent without having to download any additional software or plugins. This feature makes it easier for agents to see what the customer sees, of course, but also allows them the ability to help the customer first hand.

Social integration is a necessity for many customer facing organizations, and the new updates to Service Cloud allow for this kind of integration with Oracle’s Social Cloud. Many customers post on a company’s Facebook wall or Twitter feed when they have an issue. The integration allows social posts to be escalated into Service Cloud allowing agents to respond quicker and resolve issues faster.

Perhaps the most interesting upgrade is the skills-based matching feature which matches customer inquiries or questions to specific agents with specific skillsets. If there is a technical problem customer inquiries can be sent directly to a technical support agent, whereas a billing question can be directed to a billing agent.

The idea behind many of the new updates is the ability to take analytics from all of the customer interactions in order to create a better overall customer experience. Many have said these updates are a big step in the right direction for a fully complete customer service and analytics engine.

In the end, Oracle Service Cloud helps companies and customers alike. It empowers customers to solve many issues on their own with a robust customer portal, while it also helps agents solve customer issues quicker and easier when needed. The customer experience will continue to get better with services like Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud.