Making Business Intelligence Mobile Friendly

7 Nov

Most of us are familiar with desktop business intelligence tools. Dashboards upon dashboards of data that we use to make intelligent business decisions, or to keep track of the month’s sales statistics. These tools are great when you’re sitting in the office or the meeting room, but what about when you’re on a sales call or at a conference? The world is rapidly becoming mobile reliant and business professionals need instant access to business intelligence while on the go. Luckily there are some great platforms out there that make this a reality. One of those is Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile.

Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile is one of the premier mobile business intelligence tools available. It is compatible with all of the most recent mobile devices including iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads as well as all Android devices. No matter which devices you’re using, the dashboards will respond to the size of the screen. Something many other business intelligence tools fail to perform.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about Oracle BI Mobile is the App Designer feature. The App Designer allows users to create their own flexible dashboards that fit their needs perfectly with a drag-and-drop interface. No coding experience or knowledge is required in order to create new BI apps for the organization, meaning even the most technology challenged business professionals can accomplish what they need. Oracle states that creating apps with the App Designer is similar to using other office productivity tools. After completing the app, creators can share the app across the organization via a URL or can store the app in a library that other organization members can subscribe to.

Oracle BI Mobile is an integrated element of Oracle BI Foundation Suite, meaning apps can be created using data from the BI Semantic Layer, BI Publisher models, or even Microsoft Excel. Once you’ve created your app(s), it’s time to put them to use on your mobile device. Oracle doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to usability either. Using multi-touch and single touch features users can easily scan through different data quickly and easily as well as make certain parts of the app show on the full screen for easier viewing.

It’s not uncommon for users to have different preferences when it comes to viewing data. The marketing team may want to look at certain charts while the sales team wants to see different ones. Each user can set their preferences for which dashboards they would like to see including options for Most Recent or a Favorite created by the user.

While Wi-FI or cellular data is available in more and more places it’s possible you’ll be in a place where you don’t get service for either, yet still need to look at your analytics. Offline access allows users to view saved data without an Internet connection.

Finally, perhaps the most future friendly feature of Oracle BI Mobile is the Voice Command feature available on Android devices. This is a hands free way to pull data based on keywords. For instance, you can easily pull the sales or marketing stats by saying “Open” then speaking the name of the dashboard.

What about security? We know security is always a concern when it comes to mobile devices and enterprise applications. Oracle BI Mobile provides a great level of security, however, Oracle also offers a Security Toolkit for those looking for higher levels of security on top of the OS and Oracle BI platform. Permissions are also easily manageable within the Oracle BI Mobile platform so that only authorized personnel can create or view BI dashboards.

Oracle BI Mobile is one of the more advanced business intelligence platforms available for mobile devices. Its integration with BI Foundation Suite allows for the most in-depth data analysis and dashboards accessible from almost anywhere. As we’ve said many times before, business is becoming increasingly mobile and users at every level of the organization need access to data wherever they go. Oracle BI Mobile makes all of this possible.