Cybersecurity Insight

No One Is Safe: Developer Forum Hacked

16 Aug

Another day, another data breach. Hackers targeted a developers’ forum that focuses on the creation of open-standard APIs. The non-profit, Khronos Group, manages OpenGraphics Library – it’s a program used by developers regardless of whether they’re working on a video game, or any other design project. With close to 3,000 users affected, does this attack change how hackers are approaching cyber attacks?

A major online meeting place for API collaborators, Khronos Group distinguishes itself due to the pedigree of its registered users – many are from Apple, Google, Intel and other top players in the technology world. The data itself wasn’t just a username and password combination, but also included sign-up dates, the IP addresses associated and sometimes even the physical address itself. When the publication Motherboard researched the story to verify its authenticity, the users that responded confirmed that the details provided were valid and had been used on that particular site.

It isn’t advertised how the data became available to this group of hackers – though to be clear it seems that they kept the information within their cohort – but a few major lessons can be taken from this event. One is using a password generator or at least creating unique passwords for each account in your possession. It may be slightly more time consuming but in the long run will most likely lower the potential for stolen personal details. Second, and this is on a company level, user data is gold when it comes to protecting and stealing it: everyone wants to keep it, but everyone else wants it too. Making sure cyber security safeguards are in place that best fit the company in question should be a top priority.

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