Cloud Insight

New Oracle Enterprise Manager Offers More Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

11 Jun

The Oracle Cloud Platform is one of the most robust tools for managing your cloud-based software and computing needs. Most businesses however, have not moved their entire infrastructure to the cloud. Many businesses are now using a hybrid cloud approach that includes using the cloud for certain software or computing while continuing to use their in-house infrastructure and management systems.

The newest release by Oracle, the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 5, offers simpler ways to manage both your in-house environment as well as your cloud environment. The best part is that you can do it all from the Oracle Cloud Platform.

The Oracle Cloud Platform allows administrators to manage the jobs of both the in-house infrastructure and the cloud in order to gain better insights into an enterprise’s complete workloads. The Oracle Enterprise Manager also highlights software performance because of its enabled real-time data and operational information. This data can then be grouped and customized to showcase certain user-groups or clusters of software for a more in-depth examination of the overall system performance. This feature is beneficial as it can show you how to better organize and distribute your system workload for greater working efficiency.

Perhaps the most valuable feature of the new Oracle Enterprise Manager and Cloud Platform is the new ability to move or “copy” applications from the in-house infrastructure over to the cloud, or vice-versa. This user-friendly copying ability allows for easy migration to the cloud.

The migration process has continued to be one of the biggest concerns for those who are considering adopting a cloud solution. The high costs and possible technical difficulties that businesses anticipate when considering a cloud migration often deter them from adopting better long-term streamlining options for their business growth. The release of Oracle’s Enterprise Manager eliminates these fears and ensures end-user satisfaction.

Each year cloud adoption continues to grow exponentially and this is a growth that doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Many experts agree that in the next five years, cloud migration, along with an increase in cyber security, will remain a top investment for companies. Cloud adoption continues to grow each year and has done so exponentially. This growth does not appear to be slowing down as many experts agree that cloud adoption will continue to be a prime investment for companies in the next five years along with cyber security.

Companies everywhere will soon be able to streamline in-house and cloud usage with the click of a button by utilizing products like Oracle Enterprise Manager and the Oracle Cloud Platform. Cloud technologies are creating a limitless future for business opportunities around the world.