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Neovera Selected to Provide Cyber Security Monitoring to CoventBridge Group

20 Sep

Neovera to provide high-performance Cyber Security Monitoring solution to full service investigation company CoventBridge Group

RESTON, Va. Neovera, Inc., a leading provider of IT consulting, cyber security solutions, and infrastructure management services, announced Friday it is now monitoring infrastructure for full service investigation company CoventBridge Group. With locations in both the UK and US, CoventBridge will receive continuous 24x7x365 monitoring with Neovera’s high-performance Cyber Security Monitoring (CSM) solution.

With CoventBridge’s unique standing as the only HIPAA and SOC-T2 compliant agency in the world, it became imperative to have a strong cyber security monitoring plan. Having a worldwide reach of over 1,000 employees and affiliates – who provide their clients with robust top-tier data privacy and security, as well as customized case management technology – both CoventBridge and their clients must be protected every step of the way.

“Cyber security is a non-negotiable priority for CoventBridge as part of our commitment to ensuring our clients have unrivalled protection and confidence in our management of their data and resources,” said Jason Zurn, Chief Information Officer at CoventBridge. “Neovera is providing us with 24×7 managed intrusion detection, global network scanning services, and centralized auditing and logging of our firewalls and security appliances at all our locations. Our clients can be assured in the security of their data as a result of this strategic partnership.”

“Having over 15-plus years of experience securing our customers’ data, and our comprehensive cyber security monitoring platform, we were the ideal fit for a sophisticated organization like Coventbridge,” said Greg Shanton, Vice President of Cyber Security at Neovera. “Layering our monitoring platform onto existing infrastructure across multiple Coventbridge locations was a highly complementary approach for their team and infrastructure model, helping to extend the security of their critical information by creating awareness, increasing compliance, and managing cyber-threats and vulnerabilities.”


About CoventBridge
CoventBridge Group is a full service investigation company providing: Surveillance, SIU and Compliance, Claims Investigation, Counter-Fraud Programs, Desktop Investigations, Social Media, Record Retrieval, Canvasses and vendor Management programs. With offices in the UK and US the company provides top tier data privacy and security practices, deploys robust case management technology customized to clients’ needs and delivers worldwide coverage via it 1000 and affiliates worldwide.

About Neovera, Inc.
Neovera is a trusted provider of complex hosting solutions, leveraging over a decade of unmatched technical expertise in IT consulting, cyber security, and infrastructure management services. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Neovera’s clients range from start-up and non-profit organizations, to global media, healthcare, education, and financial institutions. Our goal? To help our clients achieve the highest return on their IT investment, ensuring convenience, superior support, and security of their mission critical systems. Learn more at