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Neovera Names Security Expert Greg Shanton as Vice President of Cyber Security

11 Jun

RESTON, Va., June 11, 2015 – Neovera, Inc., a leading provider of IT consulting and infrastructure managed services, has announced the appointment of Greg Shanton as the Vice President of Cyber Security. Mr. Shanton brings with him over two decades of expertise in system integration, architecture, and security. As VP of Cyber Security, Mr. Shanton will lead all cyber security initiatives, including cyber security professional services, security monitoring, and management services for Neovera’s commercial and government clients. Neovera anticipates significant cyber security advances for their current and future clients under the guidance of Mr. Shanton.

“Data breaches are becoming all too familiar and businesses of all sizes have been hit hard by cyber attacks,” said Scott Weinberg, CEO and Founder of Neovera. “The implications of such data loss are costly and many organizations have yet to take the necessary steps to protect against these threats. Greg will be a tremendous asset to Neovera and our customers, expanding upon our current security foundation to build the next generation of cyber security services.“

Before joining Neovera, Mr. Shanton served at CA Technologies in various positions that include Senior Vice President of Professional Services North American and Global Practices units with P&L, Vice President of the Identity and Access Management practice, and the global lead for CA’s Cloud Security (Secure Cloud) partner program.

Mr. Shanton has been awarded five United States patents and one Canadian patent for his advances in role-based cryptography and cryptographic key management systems. With an additional six patents pending for various security management methods related to identity and access management, security middleware, as well as web services security, Mr. Shanton is a proven cyber security systems innovator. Mr. Shanton received his cryptology and key management training from the former United States CIA and NSA chief cryptographers.

Mr. Shanton received his B.S. in Public Administration, with a specialization in GIS, from George Mason University.

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