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IT Managed Services: Do I Need Them?

20 Jul

Managed services: What are they exactly? Can my company use managed services? Do we need managed services?

In a very exact sense, managed services are defined as “the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.” This essentially means outsourcing all or just a portion of your IT department for various things after pros and cons of doing so are weighed.

A company that provides managed services has a number of IT experts at their disposal who can help manage a company’s IT infrastructure. These managed service providers are responsible for making sure that their IT specialists are the most up-to-date in their certifications and knowledge. Their employees specialize in specific areas of IT and because all these experts are consolidated into one place, every client that the provider has will benefit from that knowledge. There is safety in knowing that you are being handled by the best in the field.

One of the other primary benefits of managed services is cost. Many companies provision these services for the benefits associated with not needing an IT department – or, in most cases, not having to purchase, own, and maintain their own hardware and applications.

A managed services provider can use their own hardware to provide services for a number of clients, thus cutting the cost for all the clients as a whole. The client can then focus on running their business effectively without having to worry about IT issues holding them back.

Any organization can benefit from managed services. This includes enterprises all the way down to small and local businesses.  Even small businesses can use a provider as a payment gateway to take credit card payments, use inventory software to keep track of store items, or keep a database of transactions for accounting purposes.

Major enterprises need additional help as well in the storing and maintaing the mass amounts of data need at any given time. They use this data to make real time decisions about advertising or pricing as well as running their online stores or physical storefronts, therefore this data is essential to business operations. Provisioning some form of managed services can ensure that in the case of technology failure, the loss of data will not be as excruciatingly costly.

As businesses rely more and more on technology, managed services will become a bigger need, and will continue to provide businesses with expertise that can be hard to come by elsewhere. While we hope that you choose Neovera as your managed service provider, we really cannot recommend heartily enough how important it is to seek out extra help in your company’s IT needs wherever that may be.