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Five IT Skills That Will Stand The Test of Time

3 Mar

Today, it seems like innovation in technology and computing moves at a speed unlike we’ve ever seen. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Underneath it all lies a particular set of skills and acumen that help drive this innovation into the future. These skills aren’t fly by night tricks, they are staples of an industry that will be valuable for years to come.

Information Security Expertise

Security is becoming the highest concern for IT departments in the United States and globally. With so much data being collected and stored including private customer data, it’s imperative to keep things as secure as possible. Having the skills to navigate the complicated yet utterly important world of IT security will be a sure necessity for any organization.

Cloud Management Skills

Nine of out ten companies in the United States use the cloud in some way. Adoption has been swift due to the realized cost and security benefits. As companies move more and more applications to the cloud it will be required that they have someone with knowledge of the process and management of cloud infrastructure including hybrid environments.


Programming has always been one of the most important aspects of technology innovation. Programmers use dozens of different languages to create applications for business, social interaction, weather, or accounting. Good programming skills are a must for any IT department. Expertise in one or a number of languages is even better allowing for a more advanced knowledge of a company’s technology. Simply put, programming skills will always be coveted.

Data/Big Data Analytics

Big Data is the big buzzword around companies these days. Big Data has been a big success for many organizations, while some others continue to struggle with how to collect, store, manage, and realize the data they’re obtaining. Experts in this area, including data engineers or data architects, will continue to be a prime area of need for new and established businesses.

IT Managers

Someone needs to manage all of the programmers, data architects, and so on. Having strong IT management skills and tying everything into the overall business is a struggle for many businesses. Their managers don’t realize or communicate needs from IT to business and vice versa. This results in poor IT plans, failed implementations, and a slowing of business processes. IT should be a driver of business not a speed bump, and good IT managers know how to communicate needs and understand the whole process – a skill that is well in demand now and will be for the foreseeable future.

It’s always a good idea to take a look at the landscape and determine what skills you believe will be valuable for years to come. This can help you decide which areas to focus on in education or skill improvement. These are just a few of the many areas in IT that will be increasingly needed the next several years. As IT continues to drive businesses to new and exciting heights the next wave of IT experts will be leading the way.