Is Your IT Department Underappreciated? Ways To Help Your IT Team Excel

16 Jan

It’s not uncommon for certain employees to fall below the radar in many organizations. The sales department always seems to be recognized for a great month or quarter, the marketing team is recognized for a successful campaign, and the executive team is recognized for their overall management of the organization. But what about the IT department? With different departments having a myriad of different tasks to complete there are many employees that don’t get recognized for the great work they do. IT is one of them.

This is a bit unsettling considering the reliance that most companies have on technology. What if you didn’t have a great network administrator or IT project manager? What if your email stopped working every week or your CMS failed to operate efficiently. These are just a tiny few of the many things the IT department handles in many organizations. However, we hardly see awards being given to IT staff, or even simple employee or team of the month recognition. Sure, not everyone is out to be recognized; but it is nice to let employees know that they’re appreciated.

What are some ways you can not only recognize IT staff but help them achieve even more? Taking an interest in their development within the company is a great first step. Many companies do a yearly or quarterly review with employees to see how they feel about the company and their position and to discuss their overall performance. This is a great time to learn more about what the employee’s goals are and how you can help them grow. Maybe they want to obtain a specific certification or have great ideas to increase efficiency and cut costs – whatever the case, the first step is listening to what your employees want and doing what you can to make it happen.

Piggy backing on the review process is providing incentives. Most employees like having goals to achieve. Achieving those goals can be realized more often and by more people with the proper incentives, whether it’s monetary or, say, a trip to Tahiti. It’s been proven over and over the employees tend to work harder and feel more satisfied when they not only have set attainable and stretch goals but achieve those goals. Rewarding your employees properly will keep morale high and present a challenge.

Of course, the popular awards ceremony or company dinner is always a great way to recognize employees, including those in IT. Some companies give overall awards while others give awards for each department or teams within departments. Again, not everyone is out to win an award, but it’s another great way to incentivize IT employees and make them feel appreciated.

Another great and simple way to recognize individual employees or departments is to send out a memo or company-wide email. This may seem impersonal, but it ensures that almost every employee in the company sees it. Plus, people in the organization tend to spread the word.

Finally, a simple handshake and “You’re doing a great job” can be one of the most effective motivators and morale boosters. If you’re in management or on the executive level and want to recognize someone in the IT department, or any department for that matter, going to them in person and showing your appreciation first hand is perhaps the best way possible.

These approaches will work with any department of course, but it’s important to remember to recognize everyone in your organization when they’re doing a great job or are a key part of the company. The IT department is often one of the most valuable aspects of the business but also commonly underappreciated and under-recognized. Keep your employees happy and your businesses running smoothly by using some of these great methods.