Cloud Insight

Is Your Cloud Provider Secure?

12 Oct

Cloud providers are experiencing a great deal of popularity – not only is cloud usage increasing across industries, but many are beginning to understand the nuances between hybrid, or fully private, cloud models, therefore making more informed choices for their businesses. Working in a virtual environment not only gives employees more flexibility in terms of network access, but overhead costs are slashed since there isn’t a need for a physical infrastructure on site. Lost in the midst of added flexibility and reduced costs is a major caveat many either ignore or are unaware of: the need for the cloud provider to have a secure environment. Seems like a simple concept, but 29% of survey respondents discussing enterprise cloud use stated it was their most significant concern. More often than not it is overlooked by both the business utilizing the cloud and the cloud provider itself.

The cloud can be delivered within a few different service models: SaaS (software as a service users gain access to application software and databases), PaaS (platform as a service consumers do not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network, servers, operating systems, or storage, but have control over the deployed applications and possibly configuration settings for the application-hosting environment.), and IaaS (infrastructure as a service provides the cloud on-demand from their large pools of equipment installed in data centers). From there, cloud options available are either private, hybrid, or public: private clouds hold a singular company’s data, while public clouds can be compared to a warehouse with smaller storage units open to anyone. The hybrid essentially provides a private storage unit within a public cloud while restricting access to a few select groups.

Virtual networks and infrastructures stored in the cloud are a great way to allow added flexibility for your workforce, plus it takes away the hassle of dealing with physical equipment that can be cumbersome and confusing. To be able to find the right cloud provider for your company, you not only need to think about your storage needs and long-term growth, but what security protocols they have in place. Most importantly, your company needs to be protected as much as possible lest the worst case scenario occurs – and trust us, it can.