Instigate a Botnet DDoS Attack

December 20, 2016
Neovera Team

Instigate a Botnet DDoS Attack

Want to make a quick buck and don’t mind breaking a few laws in the process? You’re in luck – find the right people on the Dark Web and get ready to have botnet DDoS attack source code that can take down servers with a click of a mouse. But, when we really look at the details, just how many people are able to get their hands on these attacks, and what does this mean for the safety of your company’s vulnerable data?

A few months ago, source code for the botnet DDoS attack nicknamed “Mirai” was released online. For those that aren’t familiar, the botnet DDoS attack in question is the Mirai malware, designed to scan the Internet and infect easy-to-hack devices, with the ultimate goal of controlling them in future cyber attacks. Not impressed? Consider the following: hundreds of thousands of attackers taking control of your child’s IoT-connected toy, or even your office refrigerator, and turning them into cyber attack bots. It is an unfortunate, yet very possible, reality.

The botnet DDoS attack source code is available for anyone to use. However, according to sources at Digital Shadows, the firm that discovered the source code post, many of those interested in utilizing the source code are commonly known as “skids”, slang for those who can’t hack. This is where more experienced hackers come into play – by offering paid tutorials to less-skilled attackers, they can make a few extra bucks on the side while still utilizing the very botnet DDoS attack they’re teaching others to use.

What does this mean for individuals and companies in the IoT-connected world? At the end of the day, working with cyber security experts with management and monitoring experience is essential to ensuring the continued protection of your vulnerable data. Whether your organization is big or small, for-profit or not, utilizing cyber security protection from the experts at Neovera or other firms, will give you, your employees and customers piece of mind that new cyber attacks won’t stand a chance.