Beware of Zepto Ransomware

2 Sep

Ransomware-Locky may experience a slight decline, but it’s not because someone has finally found a way to banish it once and for all. A new type of ransomware, “Zepto”, is hitting the cyber world in a big way and locking all of the files in its path. Both malicious attacks are similar to one another and ultimately have the same end result, but Zepto is taking the ransomware world to the next level. Individuals and businesses are going to have to learn everything about this attack, and fast, lest they get caught in its trap.

Here’s how it works: just like most other ransomware attacks, an email is able to get into your inbox that has either a .zip or .docm attachment. Now this is where the file options differ – if you open the .zip, you will be prompted to open at .js file which then downloads and runs Zepto. With the .docm attachment, the document will open in Microsoft Word. From there, it prompts you to update your security options but it’s a disguise so that the attack can gain permission to begin locking files.

At this point, your files are in the process of being locked. Congratulations! Now what can you do? Well, if there were a time machine, it would make sense to go back and do the following: cyber security education and proper protection protocols on your network from an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) to ensure that emails containing infected attachments don’t end up in anyone’s inbox. To the first point – the minute an employee opens a questionable file, your entire network could be at stake. Vigilance is key when opening any online correspondence and attached collateral, even if it’s from a contact you believe to be legitimate.

But sometimes people make mistakes – we all do. That’s why having an MSSP in your corner saves you and your company time and future headaches when dealing with cyber security decisions. Neovera provides 24x7x365 cyber security monitoring and management services to organizations large and small who all have the same goal – growing their business and ensuring their data is protected. Leave your cyber security concerns with Neovera –  we’ve got your back.