Advantages To Java Web Application Development

10 Jun

Web application development is at an all-time high as more and more people are gaining access to the web, as well as the rise of many web-based businesses. Web applications are apps that run in a web browser and also are popular because of the ubiquity of web browsers. It’s also advantageous due to the fact that you don’t have to install the software or application on dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of machines, which in turn makes the application easier to maintain. Java is a popular web application programming language and has several advantages.

One of the main advantages of Java in software and application development is “that it is a cross-platform tool. Thanks to the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), Java’s run-time environment is able to translate code into machine code compatible with the native operating system, whether that’s Windows, iOS or Linux. This versatility, and specifically the cross-platform functionality, immediately makes it a powerful tool for larger organizations doing software development work”, as described by Inside Technology.

Java is a specialist language, but is also a C-based programming language which makes it easy for developers to learn if they’ve worked with other C-based languages. This makes finding developers much easier. Java is also not a “committee-driven” language, which means that code is often cleaner and has a vast library of classes that work well for rapid development.

Neovera is your partner of choice when it comes to Java Web Application development. The following are some of the main advantages to Java development with Neovera:

  • Concept and Discovery – Work with our application development group to take a business opportunity from concept to a blue-print (business requirements, system design and architecture)
  • On-time, On-budget development – Build your blueprint with reliable on-time, on-budget delivery.
  • Managed Services Integrated Support – Our unified application development and managed services team provide you with a zero-hassle, single-point-of-contact operational support solution covering every aspect from physical machines to network architecture, database architecture, application release and deployment, and ongoing bug-fix support and enhancements.