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Neovera is a trusted provider of managed services including cyber security and enterprise Cloud solutions, committed to delivering results through the innovative use of scalable enterprise-grade technologies that can be quickly deployed to meet any requirement. Our goal is to help you achieve the highest return on your IT investment, ensuring convenience, superior support and security of your mission critical systems.

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We Are Highly Experienced
As IT environments grow more complex companies must adopt new technologies and applications, improve how they store & manage data, and – most importantly – stay current with security standards.

For over 15 years Neovera has helped businesses big and small overcome these immense challenges while maintaining consistent and secure performance.

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We Understand Complex Needs
Neovera recognizes the unique needs of your business and industry. We work with businesses big and small across many areas such as banking & finance, healthcare, non-profit, technology, education, entertainment, and more.

Our experience in these distinctive areas allows us to solve unparalleled problems all while offering maximum return on investment.

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We Offer Unmatched Customer Service
Neovera is dedicated to delivering impeccable customer service and technical support 24×7 to each and every client. We provide a team of at least three dedicated resources who are always accessible and personally responsible for each client.

These resources are backed by Neovera’s experienced 24×7 Network Operations Center Staff system specialists and senior architects.


Our Data Centers

Equinix, Inc. has been Neovera’s key strategic partner for data center facilities and services for the past 15 years, exclusively hosting solutions within Equinix. Their data centers offer the broadest geographic reach, the largest choice in networks, and the most efficient connectivity options for our customers. Neovera can easily provide managed and cyber security solutions at any of Equinix’s data centers.


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Our 24×7×365 operations are based onsite at the Equinix datacenter compound in Ashburn, Virginia, the largest internet and mobile traffic exchange in North America, as well as Chicago and Silicon Valley.


Physical Redundancy & Security:

  • 24×7 building guards and facilities personnel
  • Comprehensive 24×7 video surveillance
  • Employee background checks
  • 3x access control: photo ID + biometric + mantrap
  • Reinforced building construction
  • N+1/N+2 redundancy across facilities
  • Advanced cooling and fire suppression technology
  • Multiple power grids, battery, and diesel backups
  • Proven 99.999% reliability


Neovera Case Studies

Your success relies on the success of our customers. With our many years combating cyber threats and implementing Cloud solutions we have a ton of stories to tell. Here are the some of the best.

A Track Record of Success

Neovera was founded in 2001 by a team of highly experienced IT architects, starting with the development of an advanced distributed infrastructure for one of the first and most successful international banking “Software as a Service” platforms; an environment which scaled to hundreds of Windows and Unix servers transacting billions of dollars globally with zero unscheduled downtime.

Based on that extraordinary achievement, Neovera has grown to support hundreds of diverse client systems across multiple Tier-4 datacenters.

Today, Neovera is the most experienced and technologically advanced IT consultant and vendor-agnostic hosting provider.

Our 24×7 operations are based onsite at the Equinix datacenter compound in Ashburn, Virginia, the largest Internet and Mobile traffic exchange in North America.


Million Cyber Events Idenitifed Daily


Million Records Saved


Million in Cost Savings by Preventing Attacks

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