Vistaprint Gets Out of the Data Center Business with Seamless Migration and Management of Oracle Databases in AWS

May 29, 2024
Neovera Team

Vistaprint Gets Out of the Data Center Business with Seamless Migration and Management of Oracle Databases in AWS


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In an age of cloud and ubiquitous mobile access, few CIOs see the benefit of owning and operating their own data centers. Vistaprint was one such organization who made the decision to “get out of the data center business”. For many years, Vistaprint had maintained an on-premises data center in Canada that housed business-critical Oracle database servers. With terabytes of data to migrate, disruption wasn’t an option.

Having selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their cloud of choice, Vistaprint needed a partner they could trust to help them migrate gracefully from their current data center and provide ongoing management of their infrastructure.


Vistaprint approached Neovera to ensure both a seamless server migration project to the AWS cloud and provide ongoing monitoring and management services. This full-service approach simplified management by having Neovera focus on the Oracle databases while Vistaprint focused on their infrastructure.

As part of the solution, Neovera handled migration, setup, and transition to the AWS cloud. 

To address Vistaprint’s large data volume, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) was used to create a copy of the database on AWS. Neovera created a physical standby copy of the database in AWS and managed the near-real time replication from production to AWS.  This was done in advance of go-live as an approach to minimize downtime.   Once Vistaprint was ready to make the switch to the live system in AWS, the process took hours as opposed to days.

In addition, Neovera provided monitoring of the production database and the standby database for disaster recovery.  Neovera provided Vistaprint with standard operating procedures for cloning EC2 instances and the associated databases for self-service testing and development environments.


With Neovera’s help, Vistaprint has realized significant time savings, greater operational efficiencies, and a more agile development environment. Thanks to Neovera, Vistaprint can now clone servers rapidly and create a quality assurance and development environment for testing very quickly, a process that was challenging to achieve in its legacy on-premises environment.