Cybersecurity Insight

User Experience and Security Go Hand in Hand

2 Mar

User experience had become increasingly more important as web design has expanded with technological advances and consumer tastes. In the past, simply presenting information in a readable format was sufficient enough – now, presentation of information and the overall ease of use of a website is key.

However, security also plays a significant role in the overall user experience. The “user experience” refers to how the user feels while using the website, not just the ease of navigation or purchasing ability and it’s those very emotions that drive users to take action or, conversely, feel uneasy about potential security concerns. A study published this past year showed that 70% of mobile purchasers agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I am wary of having my personal credit card information hacked using my mobile phone”. That is a large swath of users that need to know their experience on a company’s website won’t be marred by a potential attack, and plays right into a positive or negative user experience.

As users are becoming more aware of cyber security risks, how secure a site seems could be the difference between a verified lead or lost opportunity. Keeping this in mind when viewing users is crucial – make it as simple as possible for them to know that the site they are using will keep their information secure:

  • The simplest way for us to do this is with SSL certificates – which show that any information that is transferred through your website in encrypted.
  • If consumers are going to be making transactions of any kind on your website, using protected payment gateways like Braintree or Paypal shows that, combined with a well-recognized brand, their purchases will be protected.
  • Finally, official security “badges” or getting approved by third party overseers like Google Trusted Store can also help your website look the part.

Overall, these are just small steps to take in order to increase your website’s security, therefore allowing your site’s visitors to feel more at ease and have a positive user experience. How your organization’s cyber security plan is prioritized is a decision that should be made with both external and internal help – having a second opinion opens up additional avenues of exploration, and will ultimately assist in the ultimate cyber security protection plan for both your clients and organization.