Strategic Alliance: Neovera and 424 Capital Are Partnering to Evolve Cybersecurity & Governance

June 15, 2023
Neovera Team

Strategic Alliance: Neovera and 424 Capital Are Partnering to Evolve Cybersecurity & Governance

June 15, 2023 – Neovera, a leading consulting and managed services provider for Cloud infrastructure and Cybersecurity today announced their strategic partnership with 424 Capital. This joint venture represents the next step in Neovera’s business growth and expansion initiatives that will include the introduction of new services and technological capabilities.  The partnership will enhance the service offering while allowing senior expertise to remain hands on with clients. Neovera will continue to focus their expertise in industries such as financial services, technology, and healthcare where IT performance and cybersecurity are mission critical.

It goes without saying that there’s a need for cyber and cloud security right now, says Scott Weinberg, CEO of Neovera, but there’s also a good deal of opportunity. Opportunity to architect and evolve infrastructure, conduct risk audits to identify potential vulnerabilities, and combine service solutions that combat cybercrime.

Major brands and corporations have experienced turmoil from recent large-scale hacks, DDoS attacks, and cybersecurity threats. Neovera has witnessed an uptick in the need for semi-annual data security assessments – with governance and compliance audits in different industries constantly evolving to keep pace with cybercrimes. Such threats also necessitate continuous monitoring of clients’ IT environments through Neovera’s Security Operations Center (SOC).

Every industry has its own requirements as it pertains to security protocols, Weinberg continues. It’s myopic to think that a blanket approach to cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure can be successful. That’s why our team has always steered clear of broad-strokes strategies to focus our expertise on customized security services and consulting for the individual company and industry. It’s the only way you can truly support both the company and their clientele.

Over the last year, Neovera, in partnership with Microsoft Sentinel, AWS, and Coresite, has engineered infrastructure for on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid environments. Looking at vulnerabilities brought on by the remote workforce, Identity and Access Management (IAM), and the different layers of security needed for each individual employee in a company, Neovera has found success in securing data and assets while bolstering business growth initiatives for sizeable institutions.

Customized IT security solutions takes more than just the right protocols and compliance expertise, explains Kyle Stanbro, Partner at 424 Capital. There’s a need to truly understand each business’ objective and long-term strategy. Companies like Neovera are becoming increasingly important, delving into the intimate details of governance and security on state and federal levels. Neovera becomes a 24/7/365 extension of their team.

Cybercriminals have become less discerning in their industry of choice, adds Ryan Child, President of Neovera. Customization for each client is key. We approach each challenge with the idea that we must learn the ins and outs of an individual client’s business model to provide knowledgeable recommendations that encompass both their current state of business and take future initiatives into consideration.

The collaboration with 424 Capital will elevate the Neovera brand to the forefront of data security by adding new capabilities across Cloud and Cybersecurity and creating new solutions that combat the next generation of cybercrime.

This partnership represents more than just a financial investment for our company, continues Stanbro. We invest in people who are driven to make a difference. We recognized these qualities immediately in the Neovera team, and their commitment to elite client service. Whether a high-profile national client or a small to mid-sized business, all receive the highest level of expertise and innovative customized support from senior-level professionals.

Cloud security comes into question with each new attack. Corporations are spending millions per incident to recover from criminal activity. Neovera remains steadfast in their dedication to forming partnerships and innovating new solutions that maintain the integrity of assets and minimize company liability for those with stringent compliance requirements and mission critical businesses.

We are confident we have found the right partner, and this alliance with 424 Capital is just the beginning, continues Weinberg. Their vision, valuable perspective and expertise in sustainable growth strategy will guide us in this next phase of Neovera’s evolution, and we’re excited to bring a new level of service and support to our clients.

7 Mile Advisors facilitated the partnership between Neovera and 424 Capital.

About Neovera:

Neovera is a leading and trusted provider of professional and comprehensive managed technology services. The company has been around for over two decades and deals in consulting, multiple Cloud platforms (IaaS, DaaS, PaaS, etc.) and cybersecurity solutions, including monitoring, managed services, CaaS, and Identity and Access Management.

About 424 Capital:

424 Capital is a capital partner that invests in lower middle market companies in the tech enabled services space. 424 Capital works in partnership with founders and management teams to accelerate and scale for long-term growth. We invest in, empower, and enable companies to step up, stand out, and make a difference in the world. For more information about 424 Capital, please visit