The Rise of Docker: Platform Inks Another Partner in IBM

5 Dec

A little while back we introduced the Docker platform to our readers. Docker is an open development platform that allows applications to more easily move across different servers. To this point it has been wildly successful reporting more than 50 Million downloads. Since its release Docker has announced a number of supported partners including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google. We can now add IBM to that list as well.

As part of its Bluemix platform services, which allows for running a number of different types of applications in the cloud, IBM is offering users the ability to run Docker containers in the IBM cloud. The partnership also includes a dedication to developing Docker’s Hub Enterpise. Docker Hub Enterpise is an on-premises software for companies to run apps in containers.

The IBM partnership is another big step for the increasingly popular Docker as it has risen quickly in the cloud-based application world. Many cloud providers have been quick to adopt and support the Docker technology and allow customers to more easily use Docker in their hosted environments.

This announcement comes on the heels of Amazon Web Services announcing a container management service for running Docker as well as Google releasing Kubernetes, an open source software for managing containers. Not to mention a Microsoft partnership to create a version of Docker technology to run on Windows.

IBM plans to release a beta version for testing shortly but has yet to announce a pricing model or when a commercial version will become available.

IBM has been in the news frequently as it recently released its commercial version of Watson for big data and business intelligence. Despite IBM reporting lower earnings in Q3 they are turning heads with key partnerships (including Apple) and advances in its offerings.

We’ll be sure to keep a keen eye on these exciting developments as they progress and are interested in seeing how IBM’s recent changes shake up the technology landscape.