Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid Cloud Solutions

May 5, 2014
Neovera Team

Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cloud services and solutions are the new trend in modern business technology, as more organizations are taking their data offsite and storing it in the cloud. But what is the right cloud solution? How do you determine what is best for your organization? Today we’ll break down the differences between Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud solutions.

Public Cloud

Public cloud solutions are the original standard cloud-computing model. Storage, applications, and other services are provisioned over the Internet as a service. It’s most typically used as a pay per use model. Public clouds are usually fixed solutions with little customization involved.

Public cloud solutions are great for companies that don’t have a lot of regulatory restrictions or are looking to bring a product to market quickly while outsourcing some or all of their IT infrastructure. The most common Public Cloud solutions are IaaS (infrastructure as a service), SaaS (software as a service), and PaaS (platform as a service). The scalability of public solutions are what make them most attractive to many organizations.

Private Cloud

A Private Cloud is essentially the opposite of a public cloud. A Private cloud solution is one that is provisioned strictly for one company or organization. This allows for more advanced security and overall customization. High levels of engagement from IT departments and management is often needed, however, companies such as Neovera can ease this process not only with Private Cloud solutions but IT consulting solutions as well.

A Private cloud is suited best to companies that either have strict regulations to follow, or have highly critical applications that can only run with minimal or close to zero downtime. It also allows organizations to alter workloads among servers depending on usage.

Hybrid Cloud

What is a Hybrid Cloud? You guessed it. It’s a combination of Public and Private Cloud. A hybrid cloud solution is typically used, say, when an organization runs an application in private cloud, but relies on the public cloud to accommodate rapid increases in usage. This type of solution is most typically used by e-commerce organizations that need to prepare for spikes in traffic – whether it’s a seasonal spike or responding to a promotion. It also allows these organizations to comply with strict online payment regulations that are generally managed in the private cloud while taking advantage of the scalability of the public cloud for the front-end traffic.

As more and more businesses look to scale or maintain compliance, cloud solutions can be a godsend. They reduce the costs and pressure on IT departments and nullify the headaches of making sure you’re compliant with regulations, as that falls on the cloud provider.

Neovera is the leading cloud solutions provider offering private, hybrid, and custom cloud solutions. Using the latest enterprise-class technologies and secure cloud architectures Neovera’s cloud solutions are uniquely designed for maximum uptime. Whether you are running critical business applications, storing large amounts of data or adjusting to temporary spikes in web-traffic, our cloud solutions adjust seamlessly while staying in compliance with SSAE16, HIPAA, and PCI regulations.