Cybersecurity Insight

3 Billion Hacked Accounts – Find Yours on LeakedSource

20 Dec

There have been so many hacks over the past year that, to be honest, it’s no wonder even the most high-profile have been forgotten with time and a never-ending news cycle. Remember Target? Or even FourSquare? Well, LeakedSource has made it their mission to document every attack and make a profit off their work; this time, however, the users benefit.

LeakedSource is quickly gaining ground as the go-to website for users that need answers about which of their accounts were hacked by malicious intruders. Did they just get away with an email and password, or something much more valuable like credit card information? LeakedSource will send the user email notifications about current breaches across the World Wide Web, but in order to gain access to more advanced search options users will have to pay an additional fee. Businesses are able to use LeakedSource to not only monitor their cyber security standing within their industry and the working world as a whole, but to reach out to their customers when and if some kind of breach occurs.

Starting in late 2015, LeakedSource will be responsible for releasing close to 3 Billion records that are already available online either through backchannel resources or a simple Google search. This 3 Billion record total also includes records from a yet-to-be-released hack on a “Chinese mega site”, and plans for early 2017 include records from 20 – 30 hacked sites that number in the hundreds of millions. By continuing to publish these hacked records, LeakedSource is hoping that not only will it give users peace of mind when trying to understand what account data was compromised, but to put more pressure on companies to own up to the breaches and show that they are continuing to do right by their customers and overall cyber security protection plan.

Now this isn’t to say that every organization should run out and immediately subscribe to LeakedSource and bite their nails until the dreaded message comes along with your company’s name on it. No, on the contrary it should be seen as a major “Aha!” moment for any for-profit or non-profit group to take initiative and work with a cyber security firm – such as Neovera – that specializes in protecting companies large and small with unique, one-of-a-kind plans. Don’t wait for that dreaded moment where your organization is the victim of a breach; let Neovera cover your most precious data with expert cyber security monitoring and management.