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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Implementation and Benefits

28 Sep

IaaS cloud computing is a deployment model that permits users to access virtual cloud computing resources through the internet. In particular, a cloud service provider provisions and manages computing resources like networking, servers, and storage. Then, the CSP delivers the resources through virtual machines that the consumers access through the internet. Also, IaaS services enable companies to rent remote computing infrastructure to support their technology and digitization needs without incurring expensive investment costs. As organizations increase their digitization efforts to meet the modern business requirements needed to compete effectively, many are turning to IaaS services to fill the technological infrastructure gap.

An Overview of IaaS Usage in Businesses

Industry leaders forecast that the global IaaS market will register a 25.9% compounded annual growth rate and reach $82.93 billion in 2022, up from $65.87 billion in 2021. The rapid growth results from the high demand for online-based services and the growing need for IaaS deployments. Additionally, a recent survey found that 73% of companies prefer Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service deployment in 2022, while others like AWS and Google Cloud followed. Besides, research firm Gartner forecasts that IaaS will see the highest end-user spending in 2022 at 30.6%, a factor attributed to the realities of remote and hybrid work strategies that require companies to embrace IaaS solutions.

What is IaaS Implementation?

IaaS implementation allows companies to manage IT infrastructure as a service instead of implementing and running it on-premise. IaaS implementation aims to provide organizations with highly scalable infrastructure without the need for expensive capital investments in in-house data centers and other computing resources that are challenging to run and maintain. Also, IaaS implementation provides more reliable infrastructure services for running business operations while minimizing overhead costs. The IaaS provider manages the provisioned infrastructure, which promises fewer service interruptions, and allows the consumers to channel investments and human resources into other value-adding business operations.

Popular IaaS Use Cases

Organizations can leverage the IaaS benefits for various reasons, as illustrated below:

  • Development and testing: Developers use IaaS to provision test and development environments rapidly and automatically to ensure fast time to market for new applications.
  • High-performance computing: Small and medium-sized businesses can access high-performance computing services through flexible IaaS deployments allowing them to compete with Fortune500 companies effectively.
  • Hosting web apps: Organizations rely on IaaS services to deploy large-scale web applications and scale the infrastructure to meet the growing user demands.
  • Big data analytics: Processing and analyzing big data is crucial to running modern businesses but requires complex infrastructure. IaaS offerings include high-speed databases and distributed processing as managed services allowing businesses to leverage the full capabilities of big data analytics.

Benefits of Implementing IaaS

1.     Cost Savings

The primary advantage of implementing IaaS services is saving human resources costs required to run and maintain the infrastructure. The expenses of IaaS model resources, including servers, networking, software, and associated management, are incurred by the service provider, who then adjusts them to flexible increments to support and meet the consumers’ needs. Additionally, the pricing model allows businesses to pay for the specific infrastructure or features they need to fill their infrastructure gaps and scale them to meet their operational objectives. A recent study found that 95% of companies rely on IaaS to minimize infrastructure deployment and maintenance costs.

2.     Enhanced Security

Information security is crucial when deploying IT infrastructure to process, store, and analyze sensitive data. Insecure infrastructure breeds risks to business longevity since a data breach forces 60% of companies to shut down within six months of an attack. Fortunately, IaaS cloud providers invest in the security of their IT infrastructure to provide consumers with safe infrastructure to run their businesses securely. The security measures include integrating end-to-end encryption within the infrastructure to prevent unauthorized access to confidential data. Furthermore, with the increasing cybersecurity regulations, most IaaS providers include compliance when building the infrastructure to ensure their consumers comply with the necessary regulations when provisioning computing resources.

3.     High Flexibility and Scalability

High scalability and flexibility are among the most notable benefits of why companies should move from an on-premise infrastructure setup to cloud-based deployment. IaaS technology provides the flexibility to scale down o up in response to infrastructure demand and needs changes. For example, suppose an organization launches an initiative that drives large-scale traffic to the infrastructure within a short time. The IaaS model allows the company to provide more resources automatically to ensure there are no restrictions in handling increased traffic or expanding the business to new markets.

4.     Round-the-Clock Support

An IaaS deployment reassures consumers that they are protected from the worst-case scenarios. IaaS providers build redundant network connectivity, cooling, and power for their securely hosted equipment. These reduce the downtime and disruption of critical business operations since there is little chance of service unavailability. Also, IaaS guarantees disaster recovery and business continuity if a disaster strikes an organization. IaaS means that employees can still access crucial data and applications to continue working remotely as the organization works to remediate the challenges.

Starting Your IaaS Journey with Noevera

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