Healthcare Fraud & Cyber Security: Is Your Data Safe?

November 30, 2023
Neovera Team

Healthcare Fraud & Cyber Security: Is Your Data Safe?

Healthcare fraud is a booming business, especially considering over 80% of healthcare providers have been the unlucky victims of a cyber attack within the last year. KPMG’s “Healthcare and Cyber Security: Increasing Threats Require Increased Capabilities” sheds some light on the healthcare industry’s current cyber security actions, or lack thereof, and how they intend to stem healthcare fraud. Specifically, the survey findings highlight concern for the number of attacks experienced by hospitals and health insurance providers alike, the low level of detection and prevention, and the increased awareness for cyber security (while action is still not taken in a timely manner). As the relationship between the increased number of cyber threats and the limited ability to handle them evolves, the silver lining is that the healthcare industry seems to be making a bold effort to increase security.

Some other key facts found in the report:

  • 13% experienced more than one cyberattack a day at their organization
  • 16% say they cannot detect an attack in real time
  • 15% do not have a leader with the responsibility of information security
  • 23% said they do not have a security operations center to detect threats
  • 55% said they have trouble finding staff for their security positions
  • 86% have increased cyber security spending
  • 85% have discussed cyber security in the past year

Of course, we can’t make excuses for these organizations. These healthcare organizations and insurance companies hold very private information, and while spending has increased from previous levels, the numbers are well below what they should be. A few options to bridge this gap could be:

  • An infrastructure or security assessment
  • Workforce expansion to include cyber security-specific positions
  • Addressing, updating and consistently adhering to compliance standards

There is no cookie cutter response to provide protection from malicious hackers; however, each industry needs to face the demands of ever-evolving technological connectivity and the potential threats that come with it. Fortunately, expert cyber security professionals like Neovera are able to provide assistance along the way if the need should arise. With 24×7 cyber security management and monitoring of protected data from both patients and employees, healthcare providers can rely on Neovera for expert service.