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Five Keys To An Effective Datacenter

12 May

Building a datacenter is tough. You need a datacenter that scales as you grow, all while diminishing cost and boosting return. This is the ultimate prize for any organization’s IT goals. Of course, it’s not always easy. Here are five ways to get the most out of your datacenter.

Keep It Simple

Too often companies will find their way into the trap of over-complicating operations. They add application after application, create a mess of managing them, and find themselves with too many operations with too much management. Creating too may holes or processes when trying to implement new technologies can halt progress. Implementing new technologies is great, but keeping the process simple makes sure those new technologies work best for you – and you’re able to innovate and quickly implement. Keeping it simple allows for more innovation, quicker implementation and ultimately a higher return and lowered costs.

Standardization Is Your Friend

The word “standard” tends to breed some shrugs and eye rolls. No one likes hearing that what they have or what they are doing is “standard”. However, following standards can often be a great thing. We don’t always have to think differently! This is true when it comes to the datacenter too. Using standards such as SDN (software-defined-networking) and other open protocols you can assure that your datacenter will be ready for the future. Furthermore, it provides flexibility as standards for a networking environment lead to more extended options down the line.

Scaling Your Datacenter As Your Demands Change

In years past it was much easier to determine what you would need out of your datacenter. Perhaps you just worked with a few databases or an internal application or two. These days, many companies use multiple databases and several applications ranging from distributed to cloud. To make sure you’re using your datacenter more efficiently and effectively it’s important to scale your datacenter as needed. Maybe your business need more bandwidth during certain times of the year – the holiday shopping season for example – and perhaps there are some lulls during other months. Whatever the case, scaling your datacenter to meet your current demand is one the keys to achieving success.

Get The Most Out Of Virtualization

Virtualization is a no-brainer for many organizations, mainly due to the cost benefits. However, if lower costs are your only reason you may want to rethink a few things. Business continuity is no longer a term used in only the most savvy and “wealthy” companies. Virtualizing a slice of your datacenter can help make a business continuity plan a reality. This obviously includes disaster recovery strategies and the ability to more easily move applications across locations, for instance, so your business can run smoothly and cost-effectively no matter the situation.

Using The ‘Smart’ Datacenter To Your Advantage

With advancements in technology come advancements in how we manage and view our datacenter on a daily basis. We can now gather loads of data about our own technologies – including application performance. Because of this we’re able to make on-demand decisions about our datacenter and how to use it most effectively.

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