Disaster Recovery: When Ransomware Strikes

July 27, 2023
Neovera Team

Disaster Recovery: When Ransomware Strikes

Ransomware attacks are skyrocketing in popularity – approximately $1 Billion spent in 2016 alone to free networks and data from hackers’ grasps. Ransomware attacks occur when a hacker infiltrates your network, locks up everything and demands payment in return for the digital key. If that demand isn’t met, everything you’ve worked on goes out the window. And, while backing up data prior to an attack occurring is a great way to take some of the power away from cyber attackers, it shouldn’t be the only weapon in your disaster recovery arsenal.

There’s a lot to take into account when it comes to creating a disaster recovery plan. Not only do you need to identify and locate critical systems, but a review process should be in place to make sure nothing is in immediate danger from threats, natural or manmade. When a disastrous event occurs – anything from an “act of God” to a debilitating ransomware attack – short and long-term plans need to be mobilized immediately so that your business can continue uninterrupted. As a full-service monitoring and management IT solutions firm, Neovera is able to provide its clients with round-the-clock service if they find themselves dealing with an unruly ransomware attack:

  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY – Ensure business critical data and processes are secured with minimal downtime.
  • CUSTOMIZED FLEXIBILITY – Neovera supports multiple DSR options for cloud and physical environments ranging from customer-provided to full turnkey solutions.
  • EXCEED EXPECTATIONS – Multiple recovery options enable rapid and efficient recovery of resources.
  • SECURE REPLICATION – Numerous levels of data protection for virtual and physical infrastructure ranging from tape backups to real-time replication.
  • UNMATCHED EXPERTISE – We have the technical expertise and resources to develop cost-effective solutions that deliver 24x7x365 failover protection.
  • SITUATIONAL AWARENESS – Our engineers will perform a complete business impact analysis to develop the optimal solution to protect your critical information and prevent unforeseen events.

Ransomware attacks rose by nearly 26% from 2015, according to the FBI – and with the odds of an attack becoming that much more possible, the time is now to create a disaster recovery plan that supports both short and long term business solutions for your organization’s specific wants and needs. Neovera has over 15 years of experience providing 24x7x365 monitoring and management support to businesses of all types while staying one step ahead of the latest cyber threats.