Datacenter Management: How Neovera Helps Protect Your Important Data

29 Apr

Neovera is a leader in Datacenter Management and Datacenter Services. As a datacenter-neutral company Neovera offers managed services for your organization’s datacenter facility, no matter the location. Whether it’s a third-party datacenter, an in-house datacenter, or Neovera’s state-of-the-art datacenter we will manage your environment and protect your valuable data.

What is the Neovera advantage?


  • Advanced electrical fire suppression technology
  • Multiple power grids, battery and diesel backups
  • N+1/N+2 redundancy across facilities
  • Excess cooling and fire protection
  • Reinforced building construction


  • 24x7x365 building security
  • 24x7x365 facilities personnel
  • Comprehensive video surveillance
  • Photo-ID check-in

The security of your data and the proper management of your infrastructure is imperative to your daily operations. Choosing your datacenter solution is also key to managing your infrastructure.


Neovera’s world class facilities are equipped with the finest technologies and security. The state-of-the-art NOC is managed 365 days a year by Neovera’s expert engineers. Our Equinix datacenter is located in Ashburn, VA.


Neovera managed co-location services include monitoring, management, and remediation for server hardware and networking equipment located in any third-party facility.


Have your own internal datacenter? Perfect! Neoevera will manage your infrastructure and leverage your existing environment to your best advantage while offering flexibility and increased efficiency.


Migrating your datacenter to another third-party facility? Perhaps you’ve decided Neovera’s datacenter solutions are the best for your business. Whether you’re migrating from one third party datacenter to another, or moving your infrastructure to a Neovera datacenter we are with you every step of the way. Neovera’s datacenter experts will develop a comprehensive migration plan with end to end implementation while minimizing downtime and disruption.

Your company’s infrastructure and datacenter are imperative to daily business. It’s important to work with experts in the field to ensure your business runs smoothly and isn’t disrupted by downtime or security breaches. Neovera is an expert in the field of datacenter management and is your IT partner of choice so you can focus on growing your business while we manage your infrastructure.