Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Eliminate the Pressures That Come With Compliance

Our experienced compliance team partners with clients to put the right technical and administrative structures in place that support the long-term compliance and security of their Cloud systems. Our managed services team keeps you up to date on policy updates and requirement changes and can also provide full-service support during an audit.


Reduce Risk and Effectively Govern Your Complex Cloud Environment

Compliance, though the exact requirements vary by industry, is critical to protecting organizations from legal and financial vulnerabilities. Our Compliance as a Service (CaaS) service begins with determining exactly what’s needed, whether that’s security, availability, confidentiality, privacy, and/or processing integrity. Then, our experts conduct a readiness assessment and advise on best practices to button up any gaps in controls that are required to help clients achieve compliance. We help you remain compliant with regulatory and compliance needs, offering services such as risk assessments, control monitoring and reporting, audits, certifications, and security consulting.

To stay secure even as you scale, we build automated security and compliance controls into your Cloud solution, including Azure, and provide tools for straightforward management and reporting on the compliance of your organization.

Why Your Organization Needs CaaS Services

  • Machine Images hardened to CIS standards
  • Best-practice networking and access controls
  • Library of infrastructure templates for SOC2 compliance
  • Configuration management scripts that automate patching, backups, logging Installation of the best 3rd party firewall, logging, and IDS tools

Neovera’s Full-Service CaaS Audit Consulting Services

  • Provide templates and guidance on the policies, procedures, processes, and practice documents as part of an organization’s overall adoption
  • Partner on the independent auditor’s engagement and gap analysis assessment of the policies, procedures, process, and practice documents
  • Assist with ongoing compliance management activities and related evidence collection
  • Participate in the independent auditor compliance assessment

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