Cloud Insight

You’re In The Cloud – Now What?

26 Oct

Keeping a business interconnected isn’t rocket science – with smart devices and wireless or data availability at an all-time high, integrating into the IoT is unavoidable. Taking advantage of this integration can significantly impact your business in a positive way, an impact bolstered further by understanding the potential that sits at the intersections of productivity, connectivity, and virtual environments.

Finding the right cloud provider and virtual platform for your company not only means outlining long-term growth goals, but embracing necessary security protocols. Companies need to incorporate these security protocols within their physical and virtual environments in order to ensure the security of their vital data.

Virtual environments will effect positive change in your company and its bottom line. Advantages include:

Flexibility: network access becomes streamlined for all employees, on site or remote. Location is never an issue if you have a protected cloud environment for your business.
Cost effective: overhead costs are slashed since there isn’t a need for a physical infrastructure, and you will not need to hire additional teams to update or fix issues on-site.
Growth potential: the cloud is virtual, meaning the newest computing power and capacity are readily available to your team – the only questions asked are “What?” and “How much?”.

Cyber security protection for a virtual environment is something many are either unaware of, or ignore entirely. The flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and growth potential benefits listed above mean nothing if a cyber security strategy isn’t included.

By reviewing and acting on the following points, your company will be at the end of its journey toward rounding out its virtual environment.

Compliance: Depending on the industry, requirements and timelines vary drastically. Knowing if your virtual environment provider is up to the challenge will save you valuable time and money.
Type of Cloud Provider: Are you interested in SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS? Are you aware of the security needed for each? Have this information before you make your final decision.
Monitoring and/or Managed Services: Internal IT personnel devoted to your virtual environment is a great tool. If that isn’t feasible, find a trusted external team to perform these necessary tasks.

An experienced cyber security provider such as Neovera allows for peace of mind when working within a virtual environment. Neovera has over 15 years of unmatched expertise in identifying risks and outlining specific, actionable steps to improve your virtual network security. Your company, its data, and critical systems are completely protected as we pinpoint security threats inside and outside of your virtual environment, and implement the necessary measures to prevent breaches and data loss. Most important, our extensive knowledge of compliance-related requirements ensures your company is abiding by compliance regulations and maintaining its industry standing.