Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

A Better Way to Run Your Business

As the need for employees to work productively from remote locations expands exponentially, IT departments are working furiously to create or expand their remote access solutions. These virtual solutions, effective for immediate needs, are driving many organizations to explore how to support their remote teams in the long-term while ensuring continued:

  • Corporate data and network protection
  • High productivity
  • Ease-of-use regardless of device

We help clients migrate successfully to virtual Desktop as a Service (DaaS) environments, while keeping costs down and availability high, with a secure solution that ramps up quickly to support an entire remote organization.

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What is DaaS?

Our managed solution lets users mimic their office desktop experience securely away from the office on any supported device. Images are deployed in the Cloud, which users connect to securely using their browser or an app. Desktop images can be customized for users groups, allowing custom applications and network access to be tailored for each user, while we maintain those images to meet your security requirements at the highest patch level.

Our solution saves organizations money compared with tradition desktops and on-premise solutions, while simplifying your remote desktop delivery strategy and providing a long-term solution.

Getting Started with DaaS

Consider the Following Capabilities Before Getting Started with DaaS:

Cloud and connection icon Connectivity
  • Where do these desktops need to connect?
  • Do you need to support heavy network usage?
Two computers icon Sharing
  • Does each user need a separate desktop or can they share?
  • Multiple users can connect to the same desktop and share resources, further reducing costs.
Computer with location point icon Location
  • Where will these desktops be located?
  • Are they local or geographically distant?
Gauge icon Performance
  • What are the current physical desktop hardware specifications?
Two people icon Quantity
  • How many users do you anticipate using the environment at Peak times?
  • How many base images do you need to support your users?
Shield and fingerprint icon Authentication
  • Should you use Multi-Factor Authentication?
  • Is your Active Directory already integrated with 0ffice 365 / Azure?
Computer with disk icon Software
  • What software needs to be deployed to each desktop?
  • Are there any special licensing restrictions?
Computer with an arrow circle icon Persistence
  • Do you need desktops to be persistent?
  • Can they reset after every user logs off?
Disc with gear icon Operating System
  • Do you need to maintain Windows 7?
  • Support for Windows 7 can be extended by moving to Windows Virtual Desktops

Ready to put DaaS to work in your organization?