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Scalable, Secure, Highly Available Cloud Migration & Solutions

As a professional cloud migration & solutions service provider for end-to-end multi-Cloud solutions, we have the expertise to help you determine the right Cloud solution tailored to your business needs. As part of our Cloud transformation strategy, we can also deploy our infrastructure-as-code solution to help maximize your ROI and apply at-scale governance and security policies across your platform. You can expect a unified experience that begins with strategy and migration and extends to Cloud management and security monitoring.

Decreasing your Capital Expenses (CapEx) in favor of Operating Expenses (OpEx) by moving to the Cloud allows you to focus on the services you need with no upfront investment.

cloud migration and solutions

Finding the Right Cloud Service

Moving to the Cloud begins with selecting the right Cloud model. We offer private, public and hybrid Cloud options with proven redundancy and resiliency to maintain business continuity. All of our Cloud solutions services are SOC2 compliant and include 24x7x7 monitoring, incident response, backup management and IT support. And they are scalable with rapid expansion capabilities and engineered to ensure your applications and data are available when you need them.

Your Cloud Solution, Your Way

Developing and maintaining the IT infrastructure you need to remain competitive can be prohibitively expensive, difficult to sustain, and time-consuming. We consult with organizations to incorporate the Cloud into their core business model, helping them select, migrate, and maintain their Cloud infrastructures, platforms, software, databases, and desktops. As an extension of the IT team, we save our clients money and time so they can focus instead on business growth.

Our Cloud migration & solution service offerings include:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

We configure and manage the hardware for your applications, so you are no longer concerned with purchasing and maintaining your IT infrastructure.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

You can focus on application development while we maintain the rest of the platform. A step up from IaaS, we also provide and manage your operating system and databases, which means your IT team can focus more on using technology for business improvement.

Software & Database Solutions as a Service (DBaaS)

We provide it all, and you leverage out-of-the-box software and database services . One instance of software or a database serves multiple users; and with no software downloads or installations, there are no software updates.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Need to expand your remote workforce quickly? we’ll help you deploy virtual desktops, scaling rapidly and improving security for your remote workers in the short- and long-term.

Migrating to the Cloud

For clients that need to go to market quickly, we have the team—with the experience, capability, and expertise—to make it happen. We can help your organization quickly migrate mission-critical workloads to the Cloud for increased compliance, an improved security posture, greater operational agility, and faster implementation times, reducing your overall total cost of ownership.

Migration Do’s:

Migration Don’ts:

Begin with a foundational understanding of existing enterprise architecture Think the Cloud is just a bunch of VMs and storage with massive compute and horsepower
Think about modernizing your environment by going beyond an laaS approach to the Cloud and leveraging either PaaS and SaaS solutions Forget about on-premises infrastructure that needs to be integrated with the Cloud
Break the macroarchitecture apart so that the microarchitectures can be targeted for the appropriate service solutions Overlook storage service solutions for both laaS and PaaS delivery models
Know your workload and usage patterns and design for resiliency and availability lgnore governance and compliance requirements
Explore all connectivity options Underestimate pricing factors such as regions and resource types

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