Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Vdi) to Enable 100% Remote Access for All Employees


  • Rapid expansion of COVID-19 in the U.S. meant their entire U.S.-based organization would most likely need to work remotely.
  • Their existing disaster recovery assets weren’t robust enough to accommodate the remote needs of the entire company.
  • Shifting to a 100 percent remote work environment needed to occur in a way that provided high service levels during and after the transition.


  • In less than a week, remote access capabilities were expanded to allow all employees to work remotely.
  • The hybrid remote access solution included Remote Desktop Services and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
  • The transition was accomplished with no downtime and they continue to provide high levels of service to their customers.

Client Overview

This global asset management firm delivers customized complex financial solutions for a variety of traditional and non-traditional asset classes to institutional, retail and private wealth clients across North America, Europe and parts of Asia. They have over $130 billion in assets under management, approximately $28 billion of which is managed or advised by their U.S. division.

The Challenge

The company had a disaster recovery plan in place that included remote access for a small group of personnel. However, in response to the growing threat of coronavirus/COVID-19, they needed to increase their capacity for remote work and give remote access to their more than 200 employees across seven U.S. offices.

Neovera Solution

We understood their environment, requirements, and exact needs and could make the necessary changes rapidly. In less than a week, we implemented a hybrid remote access solution, a combination of Remote Desktop Services and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

We chose this VDI solution because we’ve implemented similar remote access solutions for portfolio and executive management teams in other financial organizations of this size. This allowed us to scale rapidly to meet their immediate needs and ensure different categories of VDI for users based on their needs, while providing the capacity to continue to expand as necessary.

Bottom Line Results

Currently, and for as long as it is necessary, all of their U.S. employees are working safely from home and the business continues to function seamlessly.

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Neovera provided exactly what we needed, in a superfast timeframe. Knowing our employees will be safe and business can continue as usual means we can breathe a little easier.

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