Best Apps To Improve Your Productivity

October 31, 2014
Neovera Team

Best Apps To Improve Your Productivity

We all have times when we feel like we aren’t as organized as we should be. Perhaps you forget a major task or due date, or are constantly late picking up your kid from soccer practice because you can’t seem to get your schedule straight. Whatever it may be, smartphone apps have made high levels of productivity and time management possible for everyone. These awesome productivity applications will help the highly organized stay that way, and help the rest of us reach a level we couldn’t have imagined.


One of the coolest and most useful apps to make its way into the hands of users is EasilyDo. EasilyDo is a virtual personal assistant that helps you keep your schedule, contacts, and more in firm order. EasilyDo allows you to easily add contact information from emails or send texts or Facebook posts to others with one click. Perhaps one of the coolest features of EasilyDo is its notifications and auto-calls for meetings. Not only will EasilyDo notify you of an upcoming meeting, it can find directions for you and even call into the meeting for you if you’re on the go. EasilyDo is the app so you “easily do” anything!

Awesome Note

Awesome Note is a to-do list and calendar application. It’s one of the more visually appealing apps out there, one thing many users complain about with calendar applications. It’s also simple to use. Creating lists is simple and tasks can be kept in folders for easy organization. You can add pictures, quick notes, and easily search your tasks right from the home screen. Awesome Note (+ToDo) is a great app for simple yet appealing productivity management. It can even be synched with other productivity apps like our next featured app..


It’s likely you have heard of Evernote by now. Evernote was one of the first productivity apps and has since become one of the most used and well known. Evernote is cleverly simple, allowing users to create simple to-do lists and notes. Evernote’s search feature is one of its greatest aspects which makes it much more appealing for many users. Finally, Evernote stores all of your information in the cloud, so you never have to worry about accidentally deleting notes, or losing all your stuff if your phone is misplaced. is an extremely simple yet effective to-do list app. It provides geo-location notifications and has an easy to use interface for adding tasks quickly and easily. One unique feature of is the “Anydo Moment” that tries to help users stay active with and make task creation/checking a daily activity. tries to create good productivity habits.

Check out these apps to help improve your overall productivity and organization. Most of the above apps are free of charge, making them even more appealing. While there are a ton of apps out there now, not all of them provide the experience and functionality you need. These apps we just covered certainly do provide a great user experience and do what they promise.