Azure Cloud Migration Services: Simplified Tools for Advanced Cloud Migration

February 8, 2024
Neovera Team

Azure Cloud Migration Services: Simplified Tools for Advanced Cloud Migration

Imagine that it’s moving day and you need all of your belongings taken out of every room in your home, packed up with care, loaded onto the moving truck, and delivered safely to their new destination. There are a lot of logistics involved to make a moving day go smoothly and the same is true for migrating to the cloud.

Fortunately, Neovera simplifies this process with Azure Cloud Migration Services. We help you assess what types of migration services you need so that you automate your company’s move to the cloud — and keep tabs on the migration in real time.


What Are the Core Azure Cloud Migration Services?

Azure migration services help companies and businesses of all sizes to easily migrate their databases, applications, and infrastructure to Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Azure has a complete set of tools to simplify and automate the cloud migration process, including:

  • Azure Migrate: These tools and services will help in your Azure migration assessment, giving your business a clear picture of what your current resources are and where they need to go in the Azure cloud. A centralized dashboard keeps you up to date on the status of your migration process.
  • Azure Database Migration Service: This is where all the heavy lifting gets done. This service guides you through the process of database migration, simplifying each step along the way, and then automating your data’s move to the cloud. No job is too big or too small — all with near-zero downtime.
  • Azure Site Recovery: This built-in disaster recovery solution will keep your applications up and running during planned outages — and even during unplanned ones. Azure site recovery allows you to replicate your applications and data simply and cost-effectively.


How Azure’s Migration Tools Simplify the Cloud Migration Process

Simply put, Azure Cloud Migration services are designed to make your migration to the cloud as pain-free as possible.

Microsoft’s advanced tools achieve this goal by walking you through the migration process step by step, including:

  • Assessment: You’ll be able to discover and assess your current on-premise data and how it will be migrated using Azure’s migration assessment tools.
  • Replication: Azure’s site recovery tools replicate your data so that nothing is lost during your migration process.
  • Migration: Azure database migration services ensure that every database, web app, virtual desktop, and line of code ends up where it needs to be.
  • Automation: Once your migration is set up, you can trust Azure to automate and simplify your cloud migration.
  • Cost optimization: Not only will Azure Migration Services help you get your data into the cloud, but it will also help you determine how to keep your storage costs low.
  • Security: With automatic compliance capabilities and advanced security management, you’ll be able to keep your cloud databases safe 24/7.

Azure Cloud Migration offers the most advanced technologies in the industry, giving you a bird’s-eye view from the migration portal when you need it — and a detailed view when you need to know which data sets are going where.


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