Cybersecurity Insight

When Was Your Last Cyber Security Audit?

5 Mar

Everyday we hear about yet another data breach in the news. Target, Uber, Neiman Marcus, Staples…the list goes on. Don’t wait until you’re the next victim – take action now to protect your critical data.

Cyber Security Assessment Services by Neovera

Neovera has over 14 years of experience identifying risks and outlining specific, actionable steps to improve data security for companies across multiple industries, including financial services, global media, healthcare, education, retail and technology. Our goal is to help clients understand the security threats associated with their environment, identify risks and suspicious activity, and provide recommendations to prevent security breaches and data loss.

Immediate benefits to your business:

  • Significantly reduce risk
  • Increase situational awareness of existing threats
  • Increase security effectiveness
  • Protect critical client data
  • Maximize agility to respond to threats
  • Achieve compliance guidelines

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