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Neovera Partners with Microsoft to Launch Azure-Sentinel Innovation Lab at the Heart of the Internet

30 Oct

30 OCT 2019 — Reston, Virginia. The 92% surge in cybercrime costs reported by the FBI-IC3 in April (Fig.1) came as no surprise to many insiders who believe contemporary SIEM/SOAR1 products are not able to cope with the exploding scale and complexity of the current cyber threat landscape. Released for preview testing in February and general use in September, Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s “quantum leap” response to the need for new generation of smarter, comprehensive cloud-native SIEM+SOAR solutions.

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“We could see Microsoft was on the right track…” said Neovera President, Ryan Child “and we were in a fortunate position to be one of the first companies to test and deploy Sentinel with our clients. The pace of development we’ve seen over the past year also further convinced us that Sentinel could be a game-changer for Azure in closing the gap with AWS.”

Neovera SVP, M. Greg Shanton added “At the same time, as with any tool like Sentinel, companies can save a lot time if they work with a partner who has proven experience deploying and optimizing Sentinel in complex global environments. This is the opportunity we see to add value for clients and the reason we decided to build a high-performance test lab and Sentinel RD&E team embedded with our 24×7 JSOC at Equinix-Ashburn—the top location in the world for running business-critical hybrid/multi-cloud workloads.”

Neovera’s approach to Sentinel optimization parallels the McKinsey Cyber-Risk Model and begins with understanding a client’s individual cyber-risk profile, drivers, priorities and key metrics.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) / Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

*New Reality: Once “initial breach” is achieved, competent determined attackers today are able to “breakout” to other internal systems within 12-hours.

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See Sentinel in Action: Contact to schedule a demo and see how Neovera is helping organizations of all sizes securely accelerate their cloud objectives.