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Demystifying Azure Cloud Security

12 May

If you are planning on moving to Azure or have [fortunately] already gotten there, you know there are many opportunities for disaster. For example, trying to figure out how to secure your Azure IaaS and/or PaaS environment with the Microsoft Shared Security Model can result in many trials and tribulations. Between pondering how to protect your data while managing security, risk, and compliance, to balancing fixed business requirements, it’s enough to keep you and your coworkers up at night.


A Risk-Based Approach for Cybersecurity Stability

A famous computer scientist named Alan Perlis once said, “Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.” And you may have heard from those who have already set upon the Azure migration path that it can be complex. But a risk-based approach to working with Azure can alleviate some of the common pain points by starting with an understanding of a company’s individual cyber-risk profile, drivers, priorities, and key metrics. These are the fundamental steps before attempting to identify the right service plan and provider and the appropriate process for shifting to Azure.

In order to achieve these lofty Azure security goals, the process requires an end-to-end, Azure-focused, managed cybersecurity service consultant that can provide high levels of transparency, communication, and support, by guiding your company on:

  • Business & Technology
  • Program Management
  • Assessment
  • Design Services
  • Deployment


The Shared Security Model and Sharing of Responsibilities

Managing and maintaining your Azure cloud security is a bear while you are trying to stay on top of running your business. How can you be sure you’re keeping your Cloud and your data 100 percent safe and secure all of the time, while also maintaining control since it is YOUR data? The Neovera Shared Security Model can operate in different Cloud environments, but there needs to be a division of responsibilities for it to be effective.

Even in the Azure environment (whether it be SaaS, PaaS, and/or IaaS), your ultimate responsibility is the day-to-day operations and taking care of your clients. In order to free you up to do this, Neovera offers comprehensive 24×7 security coverage of critical areas in Azure and hybrid Clouds, including data governance & rights management, account & access management, active directory, network and WAF, and if applicable, Sentinel security monitoring. This leaves Microsoft with the rest of the security responsibilities—from application, network controls and operating system, to physical hosts, network and datacenter.

By simplifying and parsing out the responsibilities, Neovera’s Shared Security Model leaves you with control over your company’s data, as well as the application logic and code, identity and access, and platform/resource configuration. You are also left to manage everything that connects you to the Cloud, including on-premises infrastructure stack and user devices; owned networks and applications; and the communication layers that bridge internal and external users to the Cloud and each other.


Minimal Steps for Maximum Control

During the business process discovery phase, Neovera undertakes 3 simple steps to begin the Azure migration:

  • Feasibility Workshop: Customized to a client’s needs, this half-day interactive session is a unique opportunity for business and security leaders to understand their exposure and make informed decisions about moving to Azure.
  • Readiness Assessment: During this assessment, delivered both on-site and remotely, Neovera accesses the client’s applications, people, processes, workflows, and current security technology, prioritizes key applications to migrate to the Azure Cloud, and identifies the processes and workflows that may need to be modified.
  • Implementation & 24×7 Management Services: Using the outcomes of the earlier steps, Neovera develops and implements a customized management and monitoring plan to meet your specific business needs.


Migrating to Azure or ready to discuss a cloud cybersecurity solution that meets your business objectives and technical needs? If you’re interested in learning more about Neovera’s cybersecurity managed or monitoring services and our Shared Security Model, fill out our easy form at today.

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