Case Studies

Barracuda – Email Security for MSPs

8 Mar


  • Exponential increases in the number and complexity/ sophistication of malicious emails


  • Reduce susceptibility to targeted email attacks
  • Fight increasingly complex email attacks
  • Strengthen email security posture with mail filtering algorithms that adapt in real time


“With Cloud computing, anyone with a credit card can register domains and create accounts, which can create havoc for organizations not protected properly. Barracuda does wonders, by stopping threats in the Cloud before they reach the Inbox.”

-Ryan Child, President –


Combining scalable, quickly deployable enterprise-grade technologies with decades of expertise combating cyber threats and implementing Cloud solutions, we help clients ensure security of their mission-critical systems across the U.S. and internationally.


We had been hearing from customers that the amount of spam mail they received was increasing significantly. The outcomes were more than aggravating; one client actually sent $50,000 to a malicious actor based on a spam email they had received.

Phishing, malware, impersonation and click-bait emails can be difficult to find and stop. As malicious actors change tactics and employ click-and-go cloud-based mail technology, organizations need dynamic mail protection that can keep up. We needed a more effective way to stop these emails from infiltrating our customers’ inboxes in the first place.


Understanding the security concerns and needs of our customers and the complexities of the changing email security landscape, we explored several options, ultimately choosing Barracuda Email Security Services (ESS). As an email security gateway, ESS cost-effectively manages and filters inbound and outbound email traffic, protecting against email threats while decreasing data loss. With its encryption features, data can’t be viewed by outside parties, and its outbound filtering and quarantine features certify that outbound emails adhere to company data loss prevention policies.

Once implemented, typically with zero email downtime, most organizations have immediate protection against known and unknown threats in just a few hours. And as ESS continues to learn what is and what is not spam the level of protection increases.

Our experts know Exchange, Exchange Online and Office 365 and they also know how to ensure those systems operate properly with Barracuda ESS. Implementing ESS typically takes a few weeks, as we validate that all aspects of the solution work appropriately with the customer’s systems. To help clients take advantage of all of the benefits of ESS, including preventing threats from penetrating their networks, we’ve created documentation and webinars around optimizing ESS and protecting all aspects of an organization, starting with their inboxes.


Adding Barracuda to our suite of tools allows us to streamline and improve customers’ email flow protection, provide quicker response to email-related issues and strengthen their data security. And, as a Barracuda partner, we can offer more of their protection-related products to our clients, including phishing tests for companies, advanced threat analysis, archiving and others.